Don’t Leave Without Trying These Greek Foods

Since Greece is a top foodies destination, check out the quintessential six Greek foods below.

Greek foods
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Turqiouse Mediterranean, sun-bleached ancient ruins, lush countryside dotted with olive trees all making Greece a favorable holiday destination with dining experiences not to be taken lightly. Greek people pride themselves in their cuisine, with absolute reason to. Eat and drink late into the night in true taverna style.

Make sure you get in touch with the strong culture and the even stronger ouzo (the sambuca lovers dream) to finish off every meal. A top foodies destination, check out the top 6 below. As for washing up? It certainly isn’t frowned upon to smash a plate or two…

1. Greek salad

Salads. Boring, healthy, should-be-eaten type of dish spring to mind? Put ‘Greek’ in front of it and be amazed by the result! Ripe juicy tomatoes, marinated olives, sharp red onions, crunchy cucumbers topped with a giant slab of feta and dressed with the best olive oil, vinegar and lemon juice. Taking salads to a whole new level.

Greek Salad

2. Saganaki

Deep fried cheese. Surely there’s no need for further explanation! Awesome.

3. Taramasalata

A creamy blend of fish eggs understandably doesn’t sound appetizing. You will be delighted, however, to see how good it tastes, especially topped with a squeeze of lemon and served with pitas for extreme dipping.

4. Souvlaki

The Greek version of fast food. Tranlasting to a skewer, anything goes – lamb, chicken, pork…etc. They can also sometimes be served in a similar style to a gyro, wrapped in pita and drenched in tasty tzatziki.

5. Tzatziki

This famous Greek dip is made from greek yogurt and cucumbers seasoned with garlic, usually decorated with olives. It works with anything or simply just a spoon.

6. Olives & olive oil

It would be culinary blashphemy to not eat olives and try out olive oil when in Greece. Meals are accompanied by local olives, used in cooking and salads or simply eaten as you go. Most restaurants make their own oil from their own olives, authenticity at its best.

Gemma Harris

As a yacht enthusiast, Gemma's travel style is to adhere to the "say yes" campaign. She's all about spontaneity, to try everything and be adventurous. You won't find her without her journal, traveling in search of her favorite country.

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