Why January & July Are The Best Months For Shopping In Paris

50% – 70% off the reg.


If you’re in Paris now, you’re probably walking down cobblestone alleys glaring at the combustion of huge red signs blasting: SOLDES.

In case you haven’t caught the drift, soldes means “sale” in French. For a shopaholic, this may very well be THE BEST time to visit the City of Light. Well, now and July when anywhere from your favorite commercial brands to small boutiques are slashing their prices at 50%-70% off the reg.

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For Americans, think of it as a government-declared extended Black Friday/Cyber Monday. In France, if a store decides to have a sale outside of these designated periods, they would need to file more paperwork. In January, even locals will hit up their favorite stores starting on the second week of the month and go shopping crazy. For travelers, this makes a great excuse for trippin’ to fashion capital of the world and stock up on awesome finds.

Each sale in both January and July lasts for six weeks, although the start date changes every year. Unless you’re blind though, you won’t miss it. And the deals get better in later weeks, so if you’re an XS or an XL, you’re in luck to save even more euros.

The January sale will entail lots of Christmas and holiday items, since it occurs after seasons greetings. It’s also a great time to fill your luggage with thick sweaters, stylish coats, and even ornaments you can use at the end of the year. This sale typically ends during early February.

The summer sale in July arrives right before Parisians take off on their annual summer holidays in August. It normally starts at the end of June to late July. If you’re looking to check off summer vacay packing lists, this makes the perfect time to get not just one but multiple swimwear.

Here’s what to expect: There WILL be crowds. So don’t be frustrated at cash registers’ long lines. If you hate to wait, try to go during the day – when Parisians are at work. Don’t forget to dress comfortably, this type of shopping can be tiring as you’ll be sifting through and trying on clothes non-stop. So keep calm and shop on!


For every purchase, a portion of the proceeds will fund Designers Against AIDS to help raise AIDS awareness in the international media and towards the general public.

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Wendy Hung


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