Jetset Times Guide To Getaway: Thimphu, Bhutan

G2G stamp logo Bhutan FINALA guide that lets you EatDrinkSeeStay and Shop just like a local. We go straight to the point with simple Top 5 lists. Full of gems, this is a guide that you will love then pass along to your friends.

G2G Thimphu, Bhutan

There is no other capital on earth like Thimphu. It’s spiritual, deeply traditional, conservative, yet kind and generous. There’s a sense of innocence in its culture, quite untainted and it’s beautiful to witness. Finally, in  recent years, the city is now in serious development, heading toward modernization with westernized constructions, and democratic social changes. Whether such signs indicate positive changes or not, it is not up to us, as travelers, to judge. But Thimphu is a magnificent destination for both spiritual enlightenment and outdoor adventures.

This guide will lead you to a reflective and gorgeously different traveling experience than anything else you’ll ever encounter in other parts of the world. It takes about 2-3 days to see every landmark in Thimphu, but if you’re here on a meditation journey, you may want to make this a longer staycation. Discover Bhutanese food, stroll through local boutiques and markets, talk to its people and lamas that are so prevalent throughout the city. Let this experience resonate in the pages of your travel journals, because your spirit will surely be changed.

Here’s the 411 on Thimphu:

thimphu bhutan mapGeography: Thimphu is located in the western part of Bhutan, right in between Paro and Punakha.

Population: Approximately 80,000 inhabitants, making Thimphu the largest city in Bhutan.

Best time to visit: September – October, and March – May. Winters are cold in Thimphu while humidity hits during summer months.

Getting there:

  • By plane: Via Paro Airport – 45 minutes from Thimphu by car. This is the most highly recommended option.
  • By car: It is possible to drive into Thimphu by car, coming in from India.
  • By bus: This is not recommended as this is a time-consuming way to travel. Coming in from other cities into Thimphu by bus may take up to hours or even days. But if you’ve got time to kill and budget is an issue, then check here for bus schedule. 3-4 buses are run through daily via Thimphu to other cities (Paro and Phuentsholing).

Getting around:

  • Walk: Thimphu is absolutely do-able on foot in the city center. But to sightsee, you’ll need a driver or go by taxis.
  • Taxi: They’re located in areas where tourists are, so you won’t have a problem hailing one. Set start rate of $1.
  • Bus: This is a reliable but time-consuming option. As there are bus systems that run from city centers to outer areas but they don’t arrive as often.

EAT: Top 5 Places To Get Your Grub On

G2G Thimphu Bhutan EAT

DRINK: Top 5 Happening Clubs & Bars


SEE: Top 5 Must-Dos You Can’t Miss

G2G Thimphu Bhutan SEE 1

STAY: Top 5 Hotels to Rest and Relax

g2g bhutan uma paro hotel thimphu bhutan

SHOP: Top 5 Local Boutiques You Can’t Find Anywhere Else

G2G Thimphu SHOP


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