10 Breathtaking Photos Prompting You To Choose Iceland

Iceland is a majestic and unpredictable country with stunning landscape around every corner.

From lush greenery and gurgling waterfalls to volcanic formations, black sand beaches and snow capped mountains studded with glaciers. It is hard to put Iceland’s beauty into words that truly do the country justice and as a photographer’s paradise; it would be rude not to show it through photos.

Rainbows with impeccable timing in front of Skogafoss waterfall.

Iceland rainbow waterfall
Photo: Gemma Harris

Full of places that take your breath away, like the Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon.

Iceland glacier lagoon
Photo: Gemma Harris

Puddles that are transformed into reflective beauty along the east coast.

Iceland puddles east coast
Photo: Gemma Harris

You never know what epic scenery you will stumble upon next driving up the coast.

Iceland coast
Photo: Gemma Harris

Watch the earth come alive a the Strokkur Geyser.

Iceland Strokker Geyser
Photo: Gemma Harris

Hike to the top of hills to witness extraordinary scenes.

Iceland hilltop
Photo: Gemma Harris

Walk alongside crashing Atlantic swell covering a lava sand beach.

Iceland lava sand beach
Photo: Gemma Harris

Visit in winter and be rewarded by the spectacular northern lights.

Iceland northern lights
Photo: Gemma Harris

Landscapes that change around every bend.

Iceland landscape
Photo: Gemma Harris

Feeling extremely insignificant next to the powerful waterfall of Selfoss.

Iceland waterfalls
Photo: Gemma Harris

Gemma Harris

As a yacht enthusiast, Gemma's travel style is to adhere to the "say yes" campaign. She's all about spontaneity, to try everything and be adventurous. You won't find her without her journal, traveling in search of her favorite country.

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