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Comfort is one of the issues that more and more travellers take into account to choose an airline to fly with.

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Earlier, we have told you why flying with prominent airlines is convenient according to various factors that are considered relevant by experts taking into account safety and technical criteria. In this post, we will share the 10 best airlines in the world based on the opinion of the passengers.

The comfort, when travelling, is one of the issues that more and more travellers take into account to choose an airline to fly with, especially if we are talking about long duration flights

Almost all companies offer only two classes: business and economy. Only a few companies that we will see below offer another class in addition to the two discussed.

Although travelling first class in the best companies is not available to all pockets because of the high price of their tickets, we will see what some airlines that can give you the most value for money, whether you choose to fly in business class or economy class.

There are factors like pricing, comforts, wait times, luggage and many others, which user of Trip Advisor take into account when talking about their experience, and if you are planning to make a trip, consider booking your next flight from Faremart, a specially designed platform, providing all the travel services in the best way possible.

Based on these experiences, in this case of airlines but ranging from hotels to tourist attractions, in 2002 the Trip Advisor Traveler’s Choice was created, rankings that recognize the best in their category based on millions of opinions of travellers like you and me.

For airlines, there are several categories and subdivisions:

  • 10 best airlines in the world,
  • 10 best airlines by geographic region (North America, Latin America, Asia, South Pacific and Oceania, Europe, Middle East, Africa and the Indian Ocean),
  • 10 best airlines by country and
  • 10 best airlines, according to their class (First, Business, Economy Premium and Economy) that are also divided by geographical regions.

Number 10: All Nippon Airways (ANA)

The only Japanese airline to get five stars rating from Skytrax (an airline evaluation organization based in the United Kingdom) for seven consecutive years, ANA (All Nippon Airways) started in 1952 offering helicopter transport services.

ANA Mileage Club is an ANA frequent flyer program in which frequent trips made by the travellers are facilitated with a service to earn miles by flights, shopping, etc. All Nippon Airways majorly covers pan globe including  Beijing, Chengdu, Brussels, Chicago, Dalian, Delhi, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hangzhou, Ho Chi Minh City, Honolulu, London, Beijing, Los Angeles, Manila, Mumbai, Oshima, Okayama, Yonago, Shonai, Sendai, and many other places of visit.

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Number 9: Jet2

A different low cost, Jet2 will receive its 100th aeroplane in the summer of 2019 and meanwhile the rest of the aircraft fly from 9 airports in the United Kingdom to 70 destinations and 500 tourist resorts, in this case under the brand Jet2Holidays that offers vacation packages in the Mediterranean, the Canary Islands and certain European cities.

Jet 2Image Source:

Number 8: Air New Zealand

Well known worldwide for its fantastic security videos on board (they have used from characters from Middle Earth to the naked crew), the last flag carrier (national) positioned on this list, Air New Zealand was born after the World War II and its first aircraft were seaplanes.

Although many airlines seek to capture the attention of travellers with original security videos,Air New Zealand is the one that breaks all moulds. It is a company that spares no resources or imagination when it comes to making their audio-visual productions.

Air New ZealandImage Source:

Number 7: Azul Airlines

The first airline on the list that I did not know, maybe because I have never flown to Brazil. Azul – Linhas Aéreas Brasileiras, offers flights to 100 destinations, both in the interior of the country (its primary market) and to other countries in South America, United and Portugal, which is a record for a company born in 2008.

AzulImage Source:

Number 6: Southwest Airlines

If in Europe there is Ryanair, it is thanks to Southwest Airlines, an airline from which Michael O’Leary copied his work model (secondary airports, fleet uniformity, and high turnover) but apparently, he forgot to copy its customer service, because unlike the Irish airline, the American one has outstanding opinions from its users.

SouthwestImage Source:

Number 5: Japan Airlines

143 domestic routes, 571 international routes served with professionalism, efficiency and courtesy, make Japan Airlines the 5th best airline in the world but, also in these Trip Advisor ranking, the 1st best in Japan, and the 1st best first class in Asia. You can redeem your American Airlines miles with this airline as it is one of the Oneworld alliance partners.

Japan AirlineImage Source:

Number 4: Emirates

Two aircraft and 1985 was the fleet and the year that Emirates was born, an airline based in Dubai, the capital of the United Arab Emirates and that today has the largest global fleet of the colossal Airbus A380 (109) and the Boeing 777 (151), to provide services that are a mark of quality and efficiency to the passengers.

The success of the Emirates Business Class product is primarily based on the comfort and space of its Airbus A380 fleet, which also operates from Barcelona or Madrid.

However, Emirates keeps an ace (or two) up its sleeve for its most precious travellers. Their shower and his bar, present in the brand new Airbus A380.

The Shower Spa offers hot water shower to its first class passengers and real towels, from which they dry, at 38,000 feet of altitude.

EmiratesImage source:

Number 3: Eva Air

EVA Air Corporation is a Taiwanese airline that in addition to having 5 stars rating of Skytrax, is the virtual bronze medallist on this list of the 10 best airlines in the world; merit for an airline that started operations in 1991 and that flies to more than 200 destinations.

EVA Air quickly grew as they had the tag of the safest airline based in Taiwan and by the mid 90’s they ate up the business of many domestic Taiwanese airlines.

Eva AirImage Source:

Number 2: Qatar Airways

Based in the capital, Doha, the flag carrier of Qatar is another of the representatives of the Persian Gulf airlines that stand out in all airline lists for their ratings. Qatar Airways also takes place in these Traveler’s Choice rankings: “Best Business Class in the World”, “Best Middle Eastern Airline”, “Best Grand Middle Eastern Airline”, “Best Middle Eastern Business Class” and “Best Middle East Economy Class”.

QatarImage Source:

Number 1: Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines take the title of “the best airline in the world 2019” in Trip Advisor’s Traveler’s Choice. Based in the island-country-city of Singapore (which rivals Bangkok as intercontinental passenger reception centres via the Middle East or directly from Europe and the US). This airline has been the first to use the vast Airbus A380, the first customer to launch this colossus in the skies, in addition to being the leading operator from Changi Airport in Singapore (which is elected the best in the world every year since 2013, a record never before achieved).

Singapore AirlineImage Source:

Finally, if you want to know which airlines to avoid, revealed the ones that are worst, including two Afghan companies: Ariana Afghan Airlines and Kam Air, as well as Blue Wing Airlines of Suriname, Tara of Nepal and Trigana Air Service based in Jakarta. Also, many European International airlines receive low ratings from customers and experts.

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