How This Woman’s Invention Turned The Bra Industry Upside Down

And the designer behind the Sankom Bra.

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The bra is a part of women’s underwear they use almost every day. At the same time, it is becoming one of the most inconvenient clothing elements. The bra industry has been faced with many issues and has provided very few solutions. Every woman has dealt with at least one of these major problems:

1. Stretching out of bra straps.

This happens when one continually tightens the bra strap.  That means you have to choose another bra style that is the perfect size for you. The bra straps are not designed to bear the heavy load, whereas the bra band is.

2. Cup gaping.

This often happens to women with asymmetric,- east-west, slender or bell shapes. The breasts rest towards the end of the cup creating a gap in the upper part requiring one to tighten the straps or be forced to go down one cup size. If one cup size does not work, you are forced to solve it with a ½ size or find another solution.

3. Side spillage.

This happens when the breast moves aside the cup because of its improper (small) size. The reason can be that the bands are not tight enough. You can cut down the length of the snug band and raise the cup up to solve the issue.

4. Cup overflow.

A bigger cup is needed to create some breathing room for the breasts.

5. Inconvenient for sports training.

Bras designed for everyday wear cannot meet the needs of training.

Each problem needs its own unique solution. Sounds inconvenient, right?

Are Sports Bra a Solution?

Until lately, the bra industry has managed to deal with just the needs of sports training. Sports bra differs from bras designed for everyday wear. They are made to alleviate discomfort, reduce breast movement, and also reduce the chance of damages that can be caused to the chest ligaments. Sports bras are built to either compress or encapsulate the breasts. The compressing type confines the movement of the breasts by flattening them while the encapsulating ones have molded cups. In general, sports bra has its bottom half cut like a tanktop. They are designed using silver fibers, gel, water pads or airbags. Usually, the material is an absorbent fabric like Lycra. This draws away perspiration from the body and reduces irritation.

So, sports bras only solve just a part of the problems, which is just a small part of life, and let’s be honest – not the biggest one. Do sports bras solve everyday problems? Unfortunately, they don’t. However, for everyday solutions, the bra industry has did not made any significant progress.

This sounds unbelievable, right? But it is the truth.

Why The SANKOM Bra Is Revolutionary?

This current state of affairs has made the invention of Oksana Mazourik turning the bra industry upside down. She did not want women to put up with the problems that they face everyday and found a solution! Her invention provides better posture by relying on the breast’s natural weight. Sports bras often have difficulty with fabric breathing. This new bra invention features technology by SANKOM which supports each breast individually. It also provides better alignment and comfort when worn.

First, it is suitable for wearing both every day and during training. Second, the Sankom bra combines aesthetic and medical benefits. This makes sense because it pulls the shoulders back, providing a push-up effect to give a better alignment to posture and reduce back pain. It is the first bra of its kind in history. It also has many additional benefits:

  •      Prevents poor posture development;
  •      Provides support and realigns to the back to eliminate back pain;
  •      Reinforces the core muscles through better posture, creating a flatter stomach;
  •      Easy-to-wear, lightweight and breathable.
  •      Eliminates cut-in marks or bulges and they come in beautiful shadow appearances.

The SANKOM bra is turning the bra industry upside down because the design uses a two-piece structure. It is an anatomical design which pulls the shoulder from the back improving posture. It is more beneficial because it combines both aesthetic and health benefits. The SANKOM bra is a revolutionary design concept that provides many more benefits than any other bra could ever provide.

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