E-Bikes For A Safe Ride: At Home & While Traveling

To help you ride e-bikes safely, here are some safety tips that you should know.


Today, electric bikes have reached the peak of popularity, especially among older riders or the baby boomers, who are driving the majority of the demand. Supporters consider e-bikes to be a great way of making cycling accessible to the ones with disabilities, elderly and others who are hesitant of riding conventional bikes.

However, with the spread of this technology, certain safety concerns surrounding e-bikes online have come up. In the Netherlands, the number of deaths due to e-bike riding has almost doubled from 2016 to 2017. Men aged 65 or above were the major victims, constituting about 675 percent of the total victims. Many incidents were regarded as simple falls, due to improper mounting or dismounting of the e-bikes.

The Netherlands witnessed about 206 cyclist deaths in 2017, 17 more than the casualties in 2016. E-bikes constituted for approximately one-fourth of these. As ebikes online constitute a greater market share, the incidence of fatalities and crashes will also be high for e-bikes. Riders who are enthusiastic about e-bikes should learn to handle them since they are heavier than conventional bikes, attain higher speeds and are difficult to handle at obstacles and corners.

To help you ride e-bikes safely, here are some safety tips that you should know:

Be Alert of Traffic Conditions

All cyclists need to pay attention to the traffic, but it is critical to be alert when riding an e-bike. Drivers around you will not expect a bike to attain speeds of 20mph, leading to potentially risky situations. Since e-bikes have become a popular sight on the roads, other drivers and riders need to adapt to these bikes and ensure safe interaction. This means that e-bike riders will not only have to drive the bike safely but also keep track of how other drivers observe you. 

Be Visible

A major issue traffic issue is that drivers aren’t aware of how they can spot bikes that are traveling at great speed in the traffic. To ensure that you are clearly and easily visible, you should consider adding a bell and lights to your bike. Drivers, pedestrians and other cyclists alike would be able to hear you with a polite bell warning.

Keep Your Speed in Check

New riders are always excited to check out what their new e-bike can do and tend to start at the fastest assisted function right away. While the excitement is justified, riders should take time and learn how the bikes feels by starting off at a slower speed. This will help them ride easily on turbo settings.

Brake Early On

Since you are traveling at higher speed with greater power, it is necessary to brake early as compared to conventional bikes. You should know the relative power of your brakes to calculate the safest time to slow down on crossings and signals.

Mount and Dismount with Care

Elderly riders having mobility issues can find it difficult to mount or dismount the bikes. Many injuries take place due to the heaviness of the bikes, the extra pounds causing it to tip over and injuring the rider. So, ensure that you choose a frame that is easy to get on and get off. You can choose a standard frame with a slant top tube o a step-through geometry.

Keep Bike Safety Rules in Mind

While crashes can take place while riding any bike, the higher speed of the e-bike can make them riskier. However, most crashes on e-bikes are ones that can have occurred with normal bikes as well, without any unique contribution by the bike. So, when traveling around the town, make sure to follow all standard safety rules for bikes.

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