Top Entertainment Spots In The UK: A Simple Guide

Britain is a relatively small country but influential in many ways.

Entertainment Spots In The UK
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We’re talking about political, economic, cultural, and, oddly enough, entertainment. The cities have a lot to see, from monuments to modern establishments, and we are here for that. Today, let’s look at the top of the top and get ready to travel.

Historical Places and Cultural Attractions

We are not sure that the UK is equal in this regard. The first thing that everyone knows about and should see is the Tower of London. The historic fortress has been standing on the banks of the Thames for over 1000 years. The building changed its functions in different epochs – from a royal palace to a prison and a place to store the crown jewels. Today, it continues to impress, serving as a museum and one of the royal residences. 

Next, we move to the Salisbury Plain, where the mysterious Stonehenge awaits us. Built over 4500 years ago, the megalith has not yet revealed its secrets. Some scientists have suggested that it used to be used for medical treatment. Others – that our ancestors used Stonehenge as a monument to the dead. There is no proven theory yet, but why not look at the UNESCO World Heritage Site

And the British Museum, which allows you not to travel all over the world because it has absorbed a little bit of everything. It is a real treasure trove of world culture and history. You will see artefacts and ancient relics from different eras and countries here. Located in a beautiful building of the XVIII century, the museum is a cultural monument.

Modern Entertainment and Nightlife

Modern Britain is about history, traditions, and vibrant life in metropolitan areas and cultural centres. From elegant restaurants to sophisticated clubs, there is entertainment for every taste. Here are some options in different cities: 

  1. London:
  • Shoreditch Market. It is a fashionable neighbourhood with many hipster markets where you can taste great snacks and find unique products from local artists.
  • Soho. The street is primarily restaurants and clubs, but art exhibitions are held here occasionally.
  • Fitzrovia. This cosy neighbourhood offers cafes, galleries, and bars. 
  1. Manchester: 
  • The Northern Quarter. This iconic neighbourhood is famous for its alternative culture, where you will find cafes, shops and art spaces.
  • Gay Village. The bustling Canal Street is home to cafes and lively LGBT bars. Many events for the gay community take place here. 
  1. Birmingham:
  • Digbeth. It has perhaps Britain’s most significant exhibition spaces and cultural events. 
  • Brindleyplace. Restaurants overlooking the canal, so it’s a must-go for lovers of a calm atmosphere and water. 

Family-Friendly Destinations

There are also several options for families. Such places’ peculiarities are increased security, entertainment for children, and additional services. Consider these:

  • Zoo: These places will take you to fascinating animal encounters, from the London Zoo to the Belfast Aquarium. 
  • Legoland Discovery (London). It is an ideal choice for younger children, especially Lego fans. 
  • Museum of Science and Industry (Manchester). Interactive exhibitions for easy learning of the complex. 
  • Dinosaurland (Edinburgh). Immerse yourself in the world of dinosaurs and the ancient world by seeing them in full size. 

Outdoor Adventures and Natural Wonders

Landscapes and natural attractions encourage outdoor activities, so if you’re in the mood for a lot of walking, go for it. National parks covered in green meadows, forests and mountain peaks are accessible on foot and by bike. 

Since it is an island, residents and visitors can enjoy walks along the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, the Irish Sea or the North Sea. But if you have a car or can drive a bit, visit Scotland to see the mountains (often snow-capped) and hidden lakes. 

Online Entertainment: A Rising Trend

Less active people may prefer video games, streaming, sports broadcasts, online courses, or simply socialising on social media. Try an online casino since you’re in a country of standards and regulations. British operators offer many enjoyable (and, most importantly, safe) games, including slots, card games, live tables, etc. The only problem that may arise is the restriction due to GamStop. However, if self-restriction is enabled, there are several NonGamStopBets ways to deal with GamStop responsibly. Anyway, be attentive to your habits.

Festivals and Seasonal Events

You can’t go anywhere without festivals, so you’ll find something for every taste: music, culture, sports, gastronomy, and many others. Take your pick: 

  1. Glastonbury. This music festival takes place every year in June in the fields of Somerset. The most famous musicians worldwide perform here, so you don’t want to miss it. 
  2. Oxford Literary. The festival takes place in September in Oxford, giving meetings with writers, book presentations, readings and discussions. 
  3. Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The largest theatrical event in the world, it takes place in August. Theatre groups from all over the world perform here. 
  4. Kite Festival. This event takes place in Leeds in June. Here, you can even participate in competitions in manufacturing and launching structures. Also Leeds is popular by other places you should read about
  5. Cow Festival. Cornwall stood out and dedicated the September competition to cows. Here, you will see different breeds, even the rarest, and you can learn how to care for them. 

A month won’t be enough time for all this, so plan your trip to see everything you want to see. The main thing is buying event tickets, as you can enter museums immediately, but you can’t do that with festivals. Britain has much to surprise you, so let’s go for the European discoveries


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