This Saucy Flight Attendant Will Make You Wanna Fly



Saucy, cheeky, brassy…this flight attendant has got ’em all.

Michael McAdam is a WestJet flight attendant and his safety demonstrations are SO entertaining that his videos are all going viral.

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On a recent flight from Las Vegas to Saskatchewan, Canada, McAdam added much flair to a mundane presentation which usually keeps passengers’ noses glued to in-flight magazines. Fellow travelers posted his video on the internet and confessed they “had the best in flight crew on West Jet. Laugh so hard.”

This isn’t the first time McAdam’s video has made the internet smile. In 2011, another humorous video surfaced when a passenger captured him in a hilarious one-man show.


In 2013, an additional video of McAdam showcased his talent for making in-flight announcement just as fun as his safety demonstration performances.


You can follow McAdam on Twitter where he describes himself as a “voice talent actor comedian cartoon guy!”

We’re suffering from major FOMO. How can we sign up for his flights?

What do you think of McAdam’s hilarious safety demonstrations? Let us know in the comments.

Jerry Alonzo Leon


Jerry's favorite country to travel to is Spain. When he's on the road, he keeps it real simple with a pen and a pad. His travel style is spontaneous, easygoing, and always in search of a great adventure.

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