This Is What Luggage Of The Future Looks Like


Bluesmart luggage

In today’s world, where everything is “smart,” rest assured that luggage will be trending in the same direction.

Although rustic trunks will always have a place in the heart of some nostalgic travelers, those who yearn to ride on the next wave of technology will be ecstatic for what’s to come. For a travel essential that hasn’t been updated in more than decades, many companies are rethinking innovative ways to construct luggage with built-in tools and apps that better our travel experiences.

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Just take a look at Samsonite and Samsung’s latest collaboration: Samsonite’s Tru-Frame collection with built-in weight scales (USD $750-840.) Announced back in May and released in stores this month, the new collection’s aluminum multi-stop trolley system also come with soft-touch carry handle. The new design incorporates high security with double recessed locks. The production team is currently looking into creating bags with Bluetooth technology, so they can self-propel and follow their owners with the ability to send messages as soon as they’re on the baggage claim carousel.

Samsonite tru frame luggage


Need to know what the weather is like at your next destination? Bluesmart has the world’s first smart, connect luggage has an app that tracks weather, how many miles your luggage has travelled, and a 3G+GPS connectivity with a Bluetooth remote lock and USB chargers. You can preorder the smart luggage for 399 euros.

Bluesmart luggage laptop


Trunkster also has a great built-in GPS-technology that tracks your luggage, just in case you never want to lose your bag during a messy layover. The American company first gained $1.4 million on Kickstarter, also included other cool features to the product such as: USB charger, digital scale, and a removable battery.

Trunkster luggage


What do you think of these luggage of the future? Let us know in the comments.

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