The Battle Of The Party Islands: Greece VS. Thailand


The years of hard work have all finally paid off. It is time to let off some steam and let loose. When it comes to partying, however, being decisive about a location can be tricky. Allow me to narrow it down for you, as from experience; both Greece and Thailand truly deliver in regards to providing an unbelievable party experience. But which one is the ultimate destination? I will leave the answer to that question in your hands.

If it’s a party you’re after when traveling to Greece, it is a party you will get. Mykonos is famous for its day parties. Look no further than Tropicana Club on Paradise Beach ( isn’t the name alone alluring enough?). With a master of ceremonies laden in an elephant G-string keeping the party going, you will dance until you collapse. Champagne showers rain over the guests as party goers in their bathing suits dance and swim all day long, as this party literally takes place on a beach. The day party usually transforms into a night fiesta as headlining DJ’s from across the globe make appearances at Paradise Club. The stamina required to be present at both is extreme, and the habit of taking an evening nap is highly recommended.

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If a mosh pit of grinding bodies and overflowing champagne bottles doesn’t do it for you, then perhaps the bar scene on the Iost island is more your cup of tea. Or a shot of vodka should I call it. The main town is comprised of variously themed bars, from a circus themed bar, to a dubstep bar, to one where all the shots are designed based on different chocolate flavors. I highly recommend having one of the maltesers or twix shots, or several if you have a particularly sweet tooth.

Thailand is a strong contender for the party scene, with the Koh Pha Ngan full moon party providing an experience like no other. Grab a bucket from one of the many alcohol stands lined up along the Haad Rin beach and be careful to never take your eye off it. Make your way to one of the beach clubs (Drop In Club and Cactus Bar are some personal favorites) and be prepared to dance until the sun begins to dawn. If embracing the local culture is a favorite pastime of yours, invest in some fluorescent paints and brushes. The UV lights will ensure that no matter how dark it gets, you will never go missing.

Drop In Club Thailand

If the intensity of the full moon party is overwhelming, partying on other islands such as Koh Phi Phi and Koh Samui is an alternative. Similarly, grab a bucket on phi phi and head to the beach to Slinky’s Club where commercial house music plays. Engage in activities where third degree burns are encouraged such as skipping ropes set on fire and where mechanical bulls are fiercer than you’ve ever imagined. Koh Samui bars such as Ark Bar, Hush and Green Mango are lower intensity but provide the opportunity to play drinking games with newly found friends that you met 10 minutes ago. Never underestimate the fun that fellow backpackers can provide.

Ark Bar Thailand

Need a detox after all this partying?

Thailand’s detox comes in the form of sun, sand and salt. Jump on a cruise tour in Phi Phi to Maya bay, where snorkeling, canoeing and playing with monkeys is encouraged. Alternatively, getting a Thai oil massage whilst drinking out of a coconut does wonders for even the strongest of hangovers.

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Detoxification in Greece requires a new island entirely. Head over to Santorini, where minimal activity is encouraged. Your days will be spent lying by the pool, and night spent finding the perfect spot to catch the famous sunset. The postcard sunset is located in Oia (pronounced ee-ya) town on Santorini Island but beware of all the fellow tourists; if you want a good view, head over early enough, and don’t forget to charge your camera. Oia Greece


Girls, leave the heels at home, pack as many bikinis as you own and come prepared with blister remedies.

Boys, leave the shirts at home, pack as many sunglasses as you own and come prepared with deodorant.

So which of the two is the ultimate party destination? Whether you end up venturing to the white sands and clear waters of Thailand, or to the hot sun and gorgeous sunsets of Greece, remember: it is not what you do that matters, but who you are with. As long as the people you surround yourself with want to have as much fun as you do, the party is inevitable. The party will come to you.

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Allow these music videos and songs to get you in the mood: Edward Maya & Vika Jigulina – Stereo Love (shot in Greece) and Duke Dumont – I Got U (shot in Thailand)




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