Which Day Is The Cheapest To Buy A Plane Ticket?

It’s not on Fridays!


Ever wonder which day is the cheapest to buy a plane ticket?

This week, Expedia released an air-travel analysis report that shows ticket-price patterns collected from this year’s data. Apparently, prices are the highest on Fridays and the rest of the weekends are at the lowest. Why? Because business travelers seems to be making large numbers of ticket purchases towards the end of the week, allowing ticket prices to massively drop on Saturdays and Sundays.

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If you’re planning on traveling within the U.S., then Sunday prices are 50% lower than Fridays, according to Expedia. Now you know, save some time on that lazy Sunday to reserve your spot on the plane for your next escape!

The same report also reveals that buying tickets 21 days or more before your trip gets you the lowest ticket price for US or Europe. Now you’ve got more cash for extra drinks at the coolest bars in town. You’re welcome!

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