Pic of the Day – “Are You Kidding Me Moment” Captured in Ghent, Belgium: Busted!


Our team brings you daily fun photos from around the world, oh! Help us finish this sentence, “only when jetsetting…”

Only when jetsetting…do urinals block men from seeing each other, but force the world to watch (photo taken by Iris Agrafiotis in Ghent, Belgium.)

5. It’s the perfect place to explore the Flemish part of Belgium.

4. The city centre is car-free. Yes, imagine that!

3. In the Middle Ages, Ghent was just as important as the city of Paris. Its beautiful medieval castles adorning the city shows just that.

2. Every year, a 10-Day Off Festival ignites the city of Ghent. This only means, ten days of non-stop partying. Are you up for it?

1. Try the sea snails with a pint of cold beer, it’s a local favorite!


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