Trippin’ At Every Age: Amazing Amsterdam


Trippin At Every Age

It’s no surprise that Amsterdam is many travelers’ favorite city to visit. But we all love it for wildly different reasons as Amsterdam is clearly a “high-ly” multifaceted destination. Art (Van Gogh, Rijksmuseum), gastronomy (blocks of Michelins stars), history (must stop by Anne Frank’s house), scenery (parks, canals, cathedrals…oh my), and awesomely unstoppable music. Did I mention that shopping is a complete thrill with avant-garde concept stores?

One beauty of this city stems from the sole shining reason that, this place is truly for everyone. It’s perfect for backpackers who just wanna get high for a weekend, or foodies who feel the need to spend mad bucks on fantatsically innovative local cuisine. The other beauty of the slideshow below is that even if you’re a twenty-something, you’ll most likely love a recommendation for a sixty-something. And vice versa. There you have it, Amsterdam is for everybody. And most definitely for the likes of you and me.

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