A Bar In Israel Honors Menstruating Women With #BloodyHour


Discounts when you’re on your period!

A bar in Israel is honoring menstruating women.

According to Israeli newspaper Haaretz, Moran Barir and Dana Etgar are the two women behind Anna Loulou Bar in Jaffa. They simply wanted to give special favor to women on their periods, because it’s time and no one else has been doing it! Barir explained:

“The whole idea is to give a discount, attention and a treat to someone, to say ‘we recognize you, we’re aware of the special situation you’re in right now, and hey, we want to do you a favour‘.”

For any menstruating female ordering drinks at the bar, you immediately get a 25% discount on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. Both of the owners also hope that by initiating #BloodyHour, men will feel more comfortable discussing menstruation openly.

Barir noted she got the idea when she was at the bar once and the bartender couldn’t remember whether she ordered red or white wine. She said,

“I told him simply ‘Here’s how you’ll remember: I’m on my period, so bring me red’.”

Cheers to #BloodyHour!

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