9 Labor Day Travel Trends You’re Unashamed To Repeat Every Year


labor day weekend trends

Usually, it’s Friday evening’s Happy Hour that’ll get your mojo going. But this week, just like everyone else in America, you’ve been dying to get out of the office for some Labor Day weekend (LDW) action. Year after year, you’ve probably fallen to the same routine, going to Lake Tahoe with your buddies, a mini getaway in NYC or roadtripping to Nashville for some country flair. It’s not just you, everyone in the country is trending the same vacay styles. Here are just a few to remind you that, for once, it’s okay to be unoriginal.

1. Going somewhere with a lakeview.


It might be a total cliche, but where else are you going to find moments of peace and quiet? It’s also easy access to complete your #IceBucketChallenge within 24 hours of getting pinged on social media.

2. Glamping…or just camping.

camp hair

National parks are generally packed with families and nature-lovers during this time of the year. Although, if you’re a city folk used to life in a big city, you’ve probably upgraded to the art of glamping. No shame.

3. Stuff your suitcase with lots of white.

theyallhateus.com white fashion road trip


It’s not necessarily that you’re prepping for a white party but you know the rule of not wearing white after Labor Day, so it’s obligatory to throw in every white fashion item you can find in your closet.

4. Your road trip isn’t just budget-friendly, it’s your vehicle to wanderlust on the highways.

panama roadtrip

Roadtripping on LDW is your gateway to being so close yet so far away. Let the hair come down, and take selfies in the rearview mirror!

5. Vegas? Hell, yeah!

paris las vegas eiffel tower hotel

This is an automatic choice if you live in California. Nothing is better than a plastered weekend in the city that never sleeps. If not Vegas, you’ve already booked your flight to New York or Chi-town!

6. Three-day weekend, not really?

Axel Sky Bar - Barcelona

Taking one or two extra days off to make your vacay longer is part of the deal! You know your boss is doing the same. Besides, how else can you travel internationally with a two-week vacation every year?

7. Heading somewhere not freezing cold.

Running at Sunset

Summer is sadly coming to an end! As much as you love the arrival of ski season, here’s your last chance to soak up all the sun and water sports as much as you can.

8. You’re not alone.

flickr friends trips


LDW is the perfect opportunity for you to hang out with friends and families that you’ve wanted to see in a long while. Since we live in a country where everyone seems to live in a different state, you won’t be alone on LDW which leads to the next trend…

9. One last drinkfest before summer officially ends!

tumblr camp friends


Enough said? Yup, thought so. Happy LBW and safe travels, beloved jetsetters!

Wendy Hung contributor profile Isla Palenque

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