20 Destinations That Define The New Cool In 2014


Mongolia Gobi Desert

Fifteen years ago, everyone was flocking to Bali. A leisure vacation in the Indonesian island was uber hip, utterly jetset. A decade ago, Dubai was the ultimate…everything. If you stayed at Burj al Arab, then you were sitting at the top of an in-crowd. Five years ago, Costa Rica was suddenly on every honeymooner’s radar. Wanted to get more “likes” on a Facebook photo? Then one of your ziplining shots in Costa Rica would’ve done it.

Then, there are certain places that strut their own chic and cool reputations. Paris, no doubt, is a classic case. The City of Lights will forever remain completely fabulous for the romantics as well as the not-so-poetics. And Marrakech, where designer Yves Saint Laurent adored and called his second home, is now Gwyneth Paltrow and Diane von Furstenburg’s staycation staple.

Today’s “new cool” is defined by off the beaten path. While heading to Brazil for the World Cup sounds absolutely amazing, a trip to the Antarctica will make everyone go Wow. How many of us ever plan to go there, unless you’re on an actual travel TV show? And there it is, that IS the new cool. Greenland, anyone?

Although we’ve kept some classics on this list, most of our choices are places you’ve only heard of but probably never dreamt of going. We’re telling you now, go for it! Plan a trip to Helsinki (maybe not when it’s freezing cold,) but step outside of your comfort zone and venture out! Here are 20 destinations that will give your attitude a bit more edge, adding more colors to your conversations and a whole lot of cool memories.

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