10 Brilliant Travel Gifts For Every Dad


father's day gift rimowa

Father’s Day is just around the corner! If your Dad loves to travel just as much as you do, then it shouldn’t be too hard to come up with a list of things he’ll gush over. Just to help you edit the perfect list, we’ve got ten (not fifty) ideas ideal for every type of traveling Dad. Whether he travels for sports or for business, at least one of these ten things will make him a very happy camper this year!

1. For the Dad Missing Espressos in Italy: Bialetti Mocha Express

WHY WE LOVE THIS: Forget about Nespresso! If your Dad’s been to Europe and fell in love with their morning brew, then you’ll probably want to hook him up with a Moka pot. An affordable choice that makes three cups can be found on Bialetti’s website. The aluminum pot is easy to use, efficient and shaped with eight angles that allows the scent of coffee to travel throughout the house.

$29.99, Bialetti

moka coffee pot

2. For the First-Class Cabin Dad: Bleecker Double Zip Tavel Organizer

WHY WE LOVE THIS: Coach is known for its exquisite leather handwork combined with stylish designs. If your Dad needs a place to put his passport, cash in different currencies and a phone…this is the classy all in one!

$278, Coach

Coach Wallet Father's Day

3. For the Dad Who Loves Montana: Simple Fly Fishing 10′ 6″ Kit

WHY WE LOVE THIS: In addition to the 10’6″ tenkara rod that your dad’s can easily pair up with streams or hoppers, the kit also comes with a book so he’s all set up with the best fly fishing experience.

$279.85, Patagonia

Patagonia Fly Fishing Kit


4. For the Dad Who Likes His Alcohol His Way: 1970s Travel Bar

WHY WE LOVE THIS: Vintage is the new cool, and your Dad knows it. It doesn’t get much better than a new old stock travel bar kit by Platt Luggage with combination lock. La classe!

$98, Etsy

Etsy vintage travel bar

5. For the Dad Who’s All About South of the Ankle: Moore and Giles Griffin Shoe Shine Kit

WHY WE LOVE THIS: You know, some Dads just love taking care of their feet and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. But make sure he does it in style! Moore and Giles, known for its impeccable leather products, released a shoe shine kit that your Dad will go gaga over just as he did over a pair of real nice Italian leather loafers.

$255, Moore & Giles


Moore and Giles shoe shine kit

6. For the Dad Who’s Crazy About the Alps: White Doctor FT8

WHY WE LOVE THIS: If your Dad loves the big fast arcs, then there’s nothing better than the best seller FT8 by White Doctor. This pair has a sidewall construction with a beautiful wood core so advanced skiers can make real monsterous, long radius turns. High speed? Yes, please.

$680, White Doctor

ft8 white doctor skis

7. For the Dad Who Relates to Finding Nemo: Cressi’s Travelight

WHY WE LOVE THIS: If your Dad often goes to Hawaii or the Caribbean for adventurous scuba diving, he would highly appreciate this jacket designed uniquely for travelers. It can be folded up and bestowed in its own carrying bag. We love how light and secure it is, with a soft-padded back and a double strap to safely block the tank. Travelight’s lightweight structure and its streamlined jacket provides very little resistance to forward movement once underwater.

$425.95, Cressi

Cressi Travelight scuba diving gear

8. For the Dad Who Rocks to Music on-the-Go: Rukus Solar

WHY WE LOVE THIS: Anytime you’ve got sun, then you’ve got power for this Rukus Solar. The award-winning gadget is also equipped with bluetooth so that your Dad can start a party camping in the woods or firing up a grill at any tailgate. This is perfect for Dads who aren’t really into headphones but still wanna groove to their favorite jams on-the-go.

$149.99, Eton

Rukus solar radio

9. For the Dad Who Really Needs a Luggage Upgrade: Rimowa Salsa Multiwheel

WHY WE LOVE THIS: Besides being the Chanel of luggage collections, Rimowas are worth the hype in every sense. Lightweight, easy to use, tough and timeless. The German polycarbonate shell allows the case to be flexible under pressure, the locks are TSA-approved, the interiors come with a flex divider and zippered mesh. Your Dad will feel like a million-dollar business traveler with this baby.

$595, Neiman Marcus

Rimowa luggage

10. For the Pebble Beach Lovin’ Dad: Bag Boy T-2000

WHY WE LOVE THIS: If one of your Dad’s favorite trips is heading to California’s Pebble Beach for some serious golf sessions, then he’s all about traveling with an ultra convenient golf bag travel cover, especially one that reduces arm and wrist strain. Bag Boy’s T-2000 has two oversized garment pockets, international compression strap which stabilizes the bag during travel, an oversize shoe/accessory pocket among other cool functions.

$170, Bag Boy

gold bag travel cover

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