Toronto Lookbook: The Iconic CN Tower Sitting Tall & Proud

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“I am Canadian, and I’m from Toronto.”

Toronto – a buzzing metropolis with so much diversity. The CN Tower – the iconic landmark of the city – sits tall and proud by the Harbour. When I was growing up, the CN Tower used to be the tallest building with nothing surrounding it. Over the years, the landscape has so much changed with high rises popping up left and right in the downtown Toronto area, but the main iconic landmarks of the CN Tower, Rogers Center (previously known as the Skydome back when I was young,) and the Harbour Front remain a constant, along with the red TTC street cars and buses that run through the city.

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No matter where I move in the world, where my heart newly calls “home,” one thing remains unchanged is that whenever I see the CN Tower, or the TTC street cars, I am immediately nostalgic about my childhood days. Whenever anyone asks me where I am from, I proudly tell them that I am Canadian, and that I’m from Toronto.

Photos: Tracy Cheng

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Tracy Cheng

Contributor, JST SHOP Vendor

Tracy loves photography and documenting her travels. She has lived in Hong Kong, London, Toronto and Los Angeles, and has a piece of her heart in each city.

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