5 Things To Do In Sitges, Spain (That Aren’t The Beach)

Known as one of Spain’s top beach locale’s but, in reality, the intimate, vibrant city offers so much more.

Sitges is known as one of Spain’s top beach locale’s but, in reality, the intimate, vibrant city offers so much more. Whether you’re visiting in the prime of summer or during off-season, take a look at these recommendations for a more in-depth and cultural experience.


1. Tour the Bacardi Factory.

Plaça de l’Ajuntament, 11, 08870 Sitges, Barcelona, Spain (map, website)

Originally from Sitges, the Bacardi family’s legacy begins here. This intimate tour is smaller and more family friendly than tours of the larger factories. They begin with a history of the Bacardi family, information about how the rum is made, and end the tour with a tutorial on three of the most popular Bacardi drinks (including the mojito). Finally, you get to make your own drink and enjoy it outside in the courtyard. For less than ten euros, this tour is a steal and a great way to spend an afternoon.

2. Visit local bars for Tapas.

Sitges boasts some unique bars and delicious seafood. Unlike many frequently-visited locales, even the bars with beach views have some amazing meals (like the paella featured here). Sitges honors siesta though, so make sure to time your meals before 3 and after 7.

3. Rent bikes and scooters.

With a lengthy boardwalk and sights to see all along the way, Sitges is the perfect spot for a morning or late afternoon bike ride or…a scooter ride! Known in Spain as a “patinete,” scooters are growing in Spain as a popular means of transportation and fun.

4. Tour the palaces.

Calle Fonollar, s/n, 08870 Sitges, Barcelona, Spain (map, website)

Across from the Sitges cathedral is an enormous hidden palace – Palau de Maricel. Laden with beautiful mosaics, imported tiles, and architectural marvels, the tour is a must see! Check with the information office about opening times because their hours change based on the season.

5. Go shopping at stand-up shops along the boardwalk.

With its beautiful scenery and laid-back environment, Sitges is home to some of Spain’s most unique artists. The pop up stands along the beach and boardwalk feature unique pieces of jewelry, artwork, clothing and more. For a fair price, you can get something unique that will stand out no matter where you’re from!

Photos: Amanda Rodrigues

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