The Moroccan Souvenirs To Shop For & Which City Will Have The Best?


Shopping in Morocco is unavoidable, because there are just so many darn souks! The country is known for authentic artisan goods, from traditional tools to gorgeously embroidered pieces. These skills are passed down from one generation to another, allowing Moroccan handcrafted items to maintain a level of quality with intricate designs.

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Personally, I’m torn when it comes to bargaining. I’ve got a soft spot for locals thus I’m a horrible bargainer. But many feel it’s idiotic not to halve the initial price, so it’s really up to you. If you’re not a sucker like me, maybe you’ll walk away with a luggage full of beautiful deals.

Lamps, Embroidery, Leather Goods – Fez

Fez is THE city of artisanship, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t load up on souvenirs when you’re strolling through the Old Medina. Browsing through stall after stall, you’ll see intricate lamps, beautifully embroidered scarfs. At the tannery is where you’ll see wall after wall of leather goods.

Wool – Chefchaouen

High up in the mountains is the magical blue city of Chefchaouen. There will be lots handcrafted products to sift through, but there are also ones that are specifically made from the town. Wool garments, wool winter djellaba in long sleeves or short sleeves are made directly from the sheep.

Argan Oil – Marrakech

You simply can’t leave Morocco without buying some argan oil! The most famous plant oil in Morocco is produced from kernels of the argan tree. You can buy edible oil to drizzle on salads or dip bread while I’m personally in love with the ones you can rub all over your body and use for cometic purposes.

Carpets – Ouarzazate

The Ouarzazate province is situated right by the Atlas Mountains, and known for its native Berber-style carpets. Women here are weaving geniuses and rug makers. Each design comes from their own creative imagination that you can either hang on the wall or lay it down.

Pottery – Safi

In western Morocco resides the city of Safi near the Atlantic Ocean that once belonged to the Portuguese Empire during the 15th and 16th centuries. Since Safe is a significant fishing port for Morocco’s sardine industry as well as a huge exporter of ceramics and textiles; here is where you can purchase handcrafted ceramics and pottery.

Spices & Silver – Everywhere

There will be souks in almost every city you stop by in Morocco. So other items that you’ll see in most medinas include: spices, silver, dresses, Moroccan shoes…etc. I highly recommend collecting local artisans because everything is affordable in Morocco and you certainly won’t find the same thing back home. Fill up that suitcase!

Photos: Wendy Hung

What’s your favorite thing to shop for in Morocco? Share with us in the comments.

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