Israel Lookbook: It May Change How You View Politics & Faith

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Regardless of where we stand, what you’ll see in Israel will make a lasting effect.

Regardless of where we stand on politics or religious beliefs, there is something profoundly respectful as to one of the oldest cities in the world. Hopefully, this Israel Lookbook can showcase exactly that. There’s nothing like stepping foot upon Israel’s holiest ground, Jerusalem – City of Peace. Indeed, unity beams from Jewish men in traditional tallit, tzitzit, and katan. Their placid strides, in faith and pride preserve their ancient past. Their rooted dignity is quite reverential. When pacifism emits through lush green hills below the majestic Montefiore Windmill, I kept thinking to myself: THIS must be what paradise looks like.

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Let’s keep it real. I’m a Buddhist. A hardcore incense-holding, meditative-praying, proud Buddhist. But I felt this place, amid devotees with their gentle heads grazing upon the Wailing Wall. A sacred wall that endured wars and controversies but infinitely stands in its divine grace. From centuries ago until now, it has sanctified for pilgrimage and prayers. I may pray to a different God, but this orthodoxy is real because my heart was pounding fast as my arms zinged to numbness.

From the Roman ruins in Caesarea, the seaports in Haifa, the contemporary Tel Aviv, to the Jerusalem’s Via Dolorosa (or “Way of Grief”) where Jesus walked on the way to his crucifixion; Israel is a powerful destination. It may change your political and religious views from the left to the right, or vice versa. The beauty about traveling, however, is that we can step up to be our own judge of the world we choose to live in. Above all things, if an experience in Israel is taken reflectively, you’ll understand that ignorance truly equates to oblivion.

Photos: Wendy Hung

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