Copenhagen Lookbook: A Vibrant Introduction To Scandinavia

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As a traveler, Copenhagen makes it easy to love it and adapt to it.

Tackling Scandinavia is no minuscule task. The scenic land of Northern Europe comprises a group of countries that seem to run on its own disciplined and efficient system that other countries can learn from. Higher taxes, lower population, vast and striking landscapes make the Nordic world a traveler’s dream. Even if you hate the biting cold.

Copenhagen, however, is a captivating introduction to the North. For the last few years, the capital of Denmark has made its global mark as the ultimate destination for innovative cuisine. Somehow, innovative – in this case – entails throwing back to the basics. Revisiting natural products in their most primitive states, then presented in artful manners. Noma, Amass, Kokkeriet are just some notable names that you’ll encounter while exploring local high-end cuisine.

What makes the Danes fantastically unique is their sense of gratitude. Never had I visited a country where people hardly complain about its government, despite the country’s Personal Income Tax Rate standing at a steep 55.8% (as of 2017.) In a country where education, medical, unemployment insurance are well taken care of monetarily, most Danes feel they receive so much more back after giving so much to the government. From taxi drivers, business school students to hotel concierge, Danes are thankful to live in a country where a sense of security is an empowerment to chase dreams and expand options.

As a traveler, Copenhagen makes it easy to love it and adapt to it. Its compact size makes any bike ride on a sunny day an absolute joy. Its helpful and kind people makes getting lost a wonderful opportunity to interact with locals. Its history makes an educational reminder of sailors, vikings and fairytales that we all grew up obsessing. Its scenic landscape makes a curious soul wanting to discover Scandinavia further. Copenhagen is indeed the perfect introduction to the Nordic culture, so Oslo and Sweden swiftly zoom to the top of a traveler’s bucket list.

Photos: Wendy Hung

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