Why Jetsetters Love This City: Rosarito, Mexico

There are few things less satisfying than sipping margaritas on the beach while listening to Pitbull remixes.

Celebrating holidays is one of my favorite activities. There are few things less satisfying than sipping margaritas on the beach while listening to Pitbull remixes. The perfect example of an occasion like this is Spring Break. Not only is this holiday a perfect time to show some skin, soak up the sun and explore the local culture, but this behavior is actually encouraged from the moment you arrive. With that I introduce one of my favorite spring break spots: Rosarito, Mexico.

During The Day

Puerto Nuevo: After crossing the California-Mexico border, head south to Puerto Nuevo for some lobster and ice cold micheladas (a popular Mexican beverage). Take a walk through the main street and check out the local shops and beautiful views of the ocean. There are tons of restaurants to choose from but they all serve the same thing: lobster, rice, beans, and a free shot of tequila.

The Sacred Heart of Christ: On your way down to Puerto Nuevo, keep an eye out for Rosarito’s Icon: the Sacred Heart of Christ. It is a 75-foot statue of Jesus Christ himself overlooking the Pacific south of Rosarito Beach, you can’t miss it! Locals say that this statue gives its blessing to all travelers who pass by. You may also stop at km 44 and visit the statue at no charge.

Pool Parties: By 1 p.m. the pool parties start, so head over to downtown Rosarito to participate in the booty-shaking contests. I mean, where better to show off your perfect body that you’ve been working on all winter than at a beach club? Am I right?

The Food

Tacos: Go to Tacos El Yaqui and splurge on a juicy skirt steak quesadilla. This is one of the most popular taco spots in town. The line may be long but it will go by quickly and the wait will be well worth it!

Traditional Mexican Cuisine: As an alternative, feel free to go to El Tio restaurant. They serve traditional Mexican dishes with great flavor at great prices!

Quick and Cheap: For something quick with variety head to the Plaza Food Court. There you can get pizza, burgers, hot dogs, tortas and the like.

Water: Be sure to stop at the local OXXO and stock up on your Bonafont and Ciel waters. These bottled waters are the closest thing you will find to Mexican treasure.

At Night

Night Clubs: Papas and Beer is the best club and it has an indoor pool. The staff will be happy to accommodate your thirst quench and dance with you all while informing you on important things such as where the bathrooms are located and which drink is better, the red one or the blue one. Enjoy the lights, good music and fun atmosphere and you know there’s no better way to enjoy spring break than watching your friend ride the mechanical bull.

Rosarito is full of adventure and culture, so obviously every jetsetter should be able to say that they’ve been there. So whether you’re celebrating spring break or just want to have a relaxing mini getaway, head to Rosarito for a trip to remember.

Photos: Nicole Young

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Wendy Hung


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