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Auckland Sky Tower New Zealand

When paying a visit to Auckland, the indisputable standout in its skyline is the Auckland Sky Tower. Its 328 meters of height make it the tallest building in Auckland with eye-boggling panoramic views in its towering upper floors. But besides being an impressive sight, the Sky Tower—in true New Zealand fashion—isn’t short on adventurous activities. It also holds an assortment of dining and nightlife options that make it one of the most exciting buildings in the world.

1. Adventure

The Sky Tower has two major options for its adventurous visitors, which are plenty in the streets of nature-based New Zealand. The first is the SkyWalk, where visitors are harnessed at 192 meters and are allowed to walk the perimeter of its circular platform. This option allows for incredible views while breathing in the fresh air atop Auckland’s highest building. The second is the Sky Jump—a more daring and adventurous choice. Visitors experience the greatest rush imaginable when jumping by wire off the 192 meter platform down to the streets of New Zealand. While not for the faint-hearted, it’s an opportunity that can’t be missed for daredevils visiting the area.

Auckland Sky Tower New Zealand

2. Dining

Dining atop the Sky Tower is a thrill of its own for those who prefer a more laid-back option than the aforementioned activities. The main restaurant is Orbit Revolving Restaurant, which rotates once an hour and gives diners a 360 degree view of the city as they feast on elegant meals such as the five spice confit duck leg. The Sky Lounge is a more casual café option during the day and evolves into a cocktail bar by night. Peter Gordon and his team of chefs head the third restaurant—The Sugar Club. It serves a style of cuisine known as “Fusion” which combines both Asian and European elements, as well as other international flavours that Gordon has picked up in his travels.

Auckland sky tower New Zealand

3. Nightlife

After a day of adventure and dining, the SkyCity offers multiple nightlife options to make your day complete. The first is the SkyCity Casino for those interested in gambling or simply observing. The large casino is open 24/7, with live entertainment and food as well as 100 table games and 1,600 gaming machines. If casinos aren’t exactly your cup of tea, there are plenty of bars and nightclubs to better fit your needs. The luxurious twentyone club hosts some of Auckland’s most famous DJ’s, and the elegant circular shaped X.O. bar boasts some incredibly tasteful interiors and no shortage of quality drinks.

Auckland skycity casino New Zealand

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