Here Are 5 Quintessential Must-Do’s In Antalya, Turkey

Hooray the Turkish Riviera!

Antalya Turkey
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With influences from Asia, Europe and the Middle East, Turkey hubs a long list of interesting cities to do. But if you find yourself in the Turkish Riviera of Antalya, you’ll be chilling on boats, and soaking in the magnificence of nature and history.

We’ve filtered down to these five quintessential must-do’s that you shouldn’t miss!

1. Stroll through the historic city center of Kaleici.

Kaleici is incredibly beautiful due to its unique architecture from the Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk, Ottoman and modern Turkey eras. As you walk through the city center and along the Mediterranean coast, you’ll see numerous towers, the İskele mosque and Hadrian’s Gate.

2. Spend an artistic afternoon at Antalya Muzesi, or Antalya Museum.

One of Turkey’s largest museums is 75,000 square feet worth of exhibition halls and an open-air gallery. It focuses on the history of the Mediterranean and Pamphylia’s history. If you’re an art fanatic or a history buff, this museum will satiate your creative appetite.

3. Snap a ton of photos at Termessos.

An ancient Pisidian city was built 30 kilometers north of Antalya. Its massive grounds are a complete wow factor, as it’s also one of the most well preserved ancient Turkish cities. If you remember Homer’s Iliad, Solims founded Termessos in the legend of Bellerophon. Now, it is also part of a national park.

4. Wanderlust in Perge Ancient City.

So much about traveling to the Middle East is about studying ancient ruins, which includes the large site of Perge Ancient City. This archeological site dates back to the Greek Dark Ages and Middle Ages and includes a theater, a palaestra, a temple of Artemis and two churches.

5. Get some fresh air at the gorgeous Duden Waterfalls.

Formed by recycled station water, Duden Waterfalls can be found in the northeast of Antalya. Walk all the way to the end of the waters where you’ll see a jagged cliff leading to the Mediterranean Sea.

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