Adapting Your Lifestyle To Australian Culture

The best way to ‘fit in’ in Australia is to take it easy.


Every year, millions visit Australia for a vacation, but research shows that it might be worth making your trip permanent. According to UN Human Development Index figures, of 195 countries, Australia is the third most desirable country in the world to live in when taking into account employment, healthcare, amenities and other indicators. Simply existing in a place cannot be said to be living the lifestyle, however, and Australia has a unique and accessible scene in that regard.

The consumer scene

With high levels of disposable income, Australians are keen consumers. As a technologically advanced nation, much of this is nowadays done online, with Australia boasting one of the highest levels of ecommerce utilization globally – up to 61% of the population, according to Government statistics. The knock-on effect of this is a savvy consumer culture that you can take advantage of, with the use of Kogan, Temple and Webster and David Jones coupons widely marketed. The side benefit of using these services is that you’re likely to be exposed to the same products most Australians use, giving you that extra cultural edge.

The culture

The casual consumerism of online shopping and looking to get a deal ties in with some of Australia’s most recognizable cultural concepts. As outlined by the SBS Cultural Atlas, Australians value common sense and optimism alongside a few key personality traits – mate ship, egalitarianism and being easy-going. Essentially, Australians are a laid back people who have time for anyone, and at any time. Fitting in is a case of having an open mind and be willing to try anything, and treating everyone fairly. In this respect, Australian culture is very accessible.

Past times and events

Australia has a very unique cultural history shaped by its history as a penal colony of the British Empire. Combined with the influence of a strong immigrant culture and the need to establish ties in a completely new country of residence. Active sports and using the country’s vast waters and green areas is a common pastime for residents, and you’ll fit in. On a more low key level, drinks and barbecue are a common way to gather, as are any laid-back and casual social event.

Essentially, the best way to ‘fit in’ in Australia is to take it easy. Approach everything in life with a down to earth and open mind outlook, and you’ll fit in without a problem. Australians are relaxed, and so too should you be.

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