8 Beautiful Places You Need To See In Corfu, Greece

Don’t miss the quarter of Kanoni, a bit outside Corfu Town.

Corfu Greece

Every summer, the island of Corfu attracts thousands of visitors becoming a popular destination on summer holidays for an unforgettable Corfu vacation. The religious and historical monuments, the charming villages, the picturesque nature and the hospitality of the local area offer memories that is difficult to forget. The town of Corfu is a gem for traveling, boasting many monuments from the Medieval times, including the Old and New Fortress, the Church of Saint Spyridon, and the Liston Promenade. Travelers shouldn’t miss the quarter of Kanoni, a bit outside Corfu Town, with a great view of Mouse Island and the chapel of Panagia Vlacherna.

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1. Old Fortress, Corfu Town

The Old Fortress is located on the easternmost point of the peninsula where Corfu Town is located. Also known as the Paleo Frourio, this incredible medieval structure was built in 1546 during the time of the Venetians. The fortress covers the promontory, which contained the old town of Corfu that was founded during Byzantine times. This Old Fortress boasts two small peaks, or korypha, where the name Corfu came from. Make sure to visit the fortress where you can find a few British structures, such as the Church of St. George.

2. Mount Pantokrator

Mount Pantokrator is the highest peak in all of Corfu, making this landmark easily recognizable for visitors and residents alike. From the summit of the mountain, you’ll get a breathtaking view of all of Corfu, and even nearby Albania, which can be spotted off the distance. Hiking to the peak of this mountain takes about two to three hours to reach, but it is also possible to drive the top. You’ll also visit the 17th-century church, which stands near the summit, reminding visitors of Greek culture and it’s strong connection between the gods and the mountains.

3. Sunset Watching At Loggas Beach

Located 22 miles (36 kilometers) northwest of the city of Corfu and considered to be one of the best spots on the island and perfect for sunset viewing, the beach at Loggas Peroulades is a narrow beach surrounded by towering cliffs. This beach is in good condition and well maintained. From this small beautiful beach, you can enjoy breathtaking sunset views and also indulge in the various bars, taverns and a good selection of accommodation located around the bay. Either make your way down to the beach or stay on top of the cliffs and take a rest at the cliff top restaurant with a frappe. This is the perfect and most romantic spot to end your day after a long day of exploring.

4. Palaiokastritsa

Palaiokastritsa, which means “Old Castle” palace, is a village in northwestern Corfu. The island of Corfu has long been known to be the mythical island of the Phoenicians, and the bay of Palaiokastritsa is said to be the place where Odysseus disembarked and for the first time met Nausicaa. Don’t forget to visit the monastery that dates back to the 1200’s. Also, you can spend time swimming or just take a dip on the main beach, which is a great spot to spend a chilling morning under the sun.

5. Visit The Best Beaches At Porto Timoni

If you are limited on time, make sure to include Porto Timoni at the top of your places to visit for Corfu, which is the tourists’ choice of perfect beach and coastline on the island. If you’re arriving by car, you can park up at the village and take the 20-minute walk down to the beach at Porto Timoni. This spot is best for swimming and snorkeling, but just make sure to bring plenty of water and sunblock. You can also take a picnic here for lunch.

6. Explore The Royal Achilleion Palace

Located in the village of Gastouri, 6 miles (10 kilometers) south west of Corfu, Achilleion is a palace built by the Empress of Austria, Elisabeth of Bavaria, also known as Sisi. It is one of the most famous royal mansions in Europe and perhaps the most important architectural landmark in Corfu. You can also walk through gardens dedicated to Austrian Queen Sissy’s hero Achilles. Continue strolling through the gardens to the terrace with the statues of the nine muses. Achilleion Palace is now open to the public to wander and explore at this stunning building. Make sure to take a tour inside this building.

7. Saint Spyridon Church

Constructed way back in the 1580s, Saint Spyridon Church is considered to be one of the most beautiful churches on the island of Corfu. This church boasts the highest bell tower in the Ionian Islands and is situated in the heart of Old Town Corfu. Saint Spyridon Church houses a collection of relics from this church, which belonged to the Voulgaris family until the 16th century. The vault beneath the church also houses the remains of the saint himself in a double sarcophagus. Beautiful paintings and Venetian silver decorate the church, providing a truly amazing interior that even those without religious affiliation will appreciate.

8. Old Perithia

If you’re into history or are fascinated by the traditional culture of the island, you’ll surely find it interesting to visit the Old Perithia. Though it’s completely abandoned now, this village is the oldest that remains in Corfu. Old Perithia is located at the base of Mount Pantokrator. This Old Perithia still boasts eight churches and more than 100 traditional Corfiot homes. Travelers can stroll through this old town and see some of the few locals that live here and call the village their home. You can also dine at some tavernas in the village and watch sheep walk around among fig and cherry trees.


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