Keeping Your Academic Rigor During The Social Distancing Era

The way education has been conducted all this isn’t proving easy due to the need to observe social distancing.

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The Coronavirus outbreak caused a whole lot of social change throughout the world. Shortly after it was observed to spread globally, many governments went ahead to put their territories under lockdown, restricting movement and discouraging huge social gatherings. The education sector got a big hit in that traditionally, and the schooling system involves groups of people interacting closely and freely.

It is great to keep a positive mind and hope that the pandemic will go away soon. That being said, it is advisable to explore other learning options to stay at the top of the game in academics. The following are a few ways to engage your mind academically during the pandemic.

Join an Online Class

A lot of universities, including Harvard, York, and AIU, are now videotaping their lectures and uploading them to the internet for easy access by students. Some institutions are even using virtual classroom software like Adobe Connect and Top Hat to give their students the feeling of being in a class environment.

Another option would be to join a MOOC. A MOOC is a platform where online courses are being offered free online. Fortunately, anyone can access a MOOC. That means that even if your school is not offering online programs, you will still be able to continue learning. Apart from the lectures, a MOOC provides you with an opportunity to interact and exchange ideas with other learners.

Watch Videos Related to Your Course

Maybe you do not like reading very much, or you are looking for an easy and interactive means to understand certain academic concepts. If that is so, you might want to check out academic videos and documentaries.

Academic Video Online is an online content sharing platform that gives students access to more than 70000 videos. It has virtually the widest variety of academic videos, which span wide-ranging topics from business and anthropology to music and history. The choices are endless, and the quality is quite impressive. Besides, you could try to search for YouTube videos related to your field of study.

Offer Freelance Tutoring Services

Did you know that teaching others is one of the best ways of learning? By showing others what you have learned, and helping them understand the topic, your brain internalizes the matter effectively. That is why if you feel you have an understanding of various concepts in your course, you should consider passing it along.

In case you are wondering who tutor, try starting with your classmates. Ask them if they need academic help and offer to teach them online, perhaps via Skype. You might have heard some students asking questions like who will write my essay? Essay writing is a great way to learn, so by helping such students, you would also be honing your knowledge.

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Write, Translate, or Read a Book

The thought of writing a book has probably crossed your mind at some point. Well, if you were always feeling you did not have enough time to get started on that journey, now might be the time. If your school is not on the session due to the pandemic, try utilizing your free time to write a book.

Another option would be to translate an existing book. If you are fluent in a language other than the one, the book is written in. You might be surprised how many people would be interested in your work. Fortunately, nowadays, publishing a book is not hectic, and neither is bringing it before an audience. From Amazon’s Kindle to Apple eBook Store, the choices of a free publisher are endless.

If writing or translating a book is not an option for you, perhaps you will welcome the idea of reading one or two. There are millions of books and eBooks that you can read. If keeping your academic rigor is your main objective, then try reading a book that is related to what you are studying at college. Then again, in case reading a book is not your cup of tea right now, you can read a magazine instead.

The pandemic has truly changed the way society does things. The way education has been conducted all this isn’t proving easy due to the need to observe social distancing. But that does not have to mean placing a halt to the learning process. Students that aim to stay on top should look for alternatives, and fortunately, they are plenty. From joining a MOOC and tutoring online to writing a book, the ways that you can keep your academic spirits high during the pandemic are limitless.

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