How To Become A Broker

To be aware of the slightest changes in the market – for a broker it is the number one duty.

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The broker is a narrow specialist, who acts as an intermediary between the participants of the transaction, represents the interests of his client. The most common are stockbrokers, which work on the securities market. The profession is suitable for those who are interested in economics and social sciences.

Brief description

Individuals and legal entities employing specialists who have a secondary or higher financial education. Conditionally all brokers can be divided into 5 groups:

Insurance brokers. They work in the field of insurance, being intermediaries between clients and specialized companies. Specialists are involved in the work to save time and effort, often they help the customer during the collection of documents and receiving payments for the insured event;

Customs. They work with individuals and companies to resolve all issues related to Customs. Professional duties are similar to those of a customs declarant;

Freighters. Specializes in transactions and goods transported by sea;

stock exchange. Specializes in the conclusion of contracts on the securities market, because for other people access to such traces is denied. The broker can represent and advise the client;

Mortgages. Young businesses, brokers working in this field, act as intermediaries between buyers, banks and property owners. They help the client to select the best offer, participate in the execution of the transaction and perform other tasks.


This occupation is chosen by economists, financiers, lawyers and other specialists who know how to work with numbers and know the law. Employers are more likely to give preference to people who have higher education in the following fields:

  • “Financial management”;
  • “Economics”;
  • “Crisis management”;
  • “Customs payments and currency regulation”.

Students entering higher education institutions take an exam in a foreign language, social sciences and mathematics. You can choose to study in college by applying for a specialty “Finance” or “Commerce”. It may be difficult to study these subjects, so the college paper writing service will help you. In the case of employment, the plus will be taking courses on foreign trade, brokerage services, law, foreign language.

Place of work

A private broker works for himself, but most of these specialists work in agencies and companies engaged in Internet trading, providing brokerage services, asset management and other similar work. Official employment protects brokers from risks and unforeseen situations.

Peculiarities of brokerage activity

Work in the financial market is dynamic, intensive, it makes you constantly be “ahead of the whole planet”. To be aware of the slightest changes in the market – for a broker it is the number one duty. In addition to all this, his work is characterized by such features:

  • The broker acts for and on behalf of his clients.
  • Traders’ orders are executed by them in the order of priority
  • Most of the money is in a specially opened account with a bank
  • The broker is entitled to conclude transactions on the securities market intended for investors

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