Step Inside Ubud’s Quaint Little Hideaway: Stone House

Filled with exotic antiques from far-flung lands and a deep love for the surrounding environment, Stone House is a refuge where you can experience a truly serene, authentic side of Bali.

Stone House Bali
Private haven. Photo: Nadia Cho

Why we love this: Stone House is a quaint little hideaway that lays silently in the hills of Ubud. Filled with exotic antiques from far-flung lands and a deep love for the surrounding environment, Stone House is a refuge where you can experience a truly serene, authentic side of Bali. 

The Story:

Stone House was created by a group of soulful, creative spirits with the deepest love for Bali. Walker and Wendy Zabriskie are two lifelong travelers who’ve lived in their “soul country” for over 30 years. They have a strong connection to and understanding of Bali’s culture and can personally chronicle how the island has changed over the years. Walker can tell you all about how Hanoman Road, the busiest thoroughfare of Ubud, used to be a creepy deserted road and what the land surrounding the property looked like 30 years ago. 

Walker is a ridiculously talented furniture designer, builder, and collector. His designs utilize natural elements in their organic glory. From ottomans made with mats from Borneo to counters with raw teak root, his signature style is about preserving uniqueness and authenticity. Everything in Stone House was curated by Walker, and incorporates much of his custom furniture and captivating antiques from around the world. 

Stone House was constructed top-to-bottom by native Indonesian craftsmen, utilizing traditional techniques without using a crane. Each house is built out of organic materials like bamboo trees, teak wood, stone, and grass thatch. The natural Balinese landscape is always present on property, whether guests are inside the rooms or out and about. The grounds are covered in lush tropical gardens and bordered by the property farm. 

With a small caring team and sweet, friendly dogs, Stone House is very much a close-knit family business. The boutique hotel is a beautiful way to experience Bali’s authentic aesthetic and nature.

The Experience:

Staying at Stone House means staying very close to nature. The entire hotel is enveloped by rich green palms, rice paddies, and flora with a pool that resembles a natural lagoon in the center. There’s no TV or telephone in the rooms (although there is a Bluetooth speaker), which naturally pushes guests to spend time outside and personally interact with people in the Great Room. 

The small staff is always there when you need them without being intrusive when you don’t. Erna, the house manager, will always make sure that you have everything you need and Walker is lovely to talk to if you catch him hanging around the property. The Great Room kitchen can cook up delicious Indonesian dishes if you ever get hungry during the day. Everyone is treated like a dear friend, so don’t be surprised if you’re breaking bread and swapping personal contacts by the time you leave. This camaraderie and connection was the idea behind Stone House when it was built. Every guest is guaranteed to have a distinctly personal experience, and no two stays are ever the same. 

Stone House has an ideal location in Ubud, set apart from the main tourist hub but still within easy reach of it. It’s located up in the hills on one of the roads parallel to Hanoman Road. It’s extremely easy to get to any of the tourist attractions, restaurants, and galleries. The staff can arrange for a car to take you around, though a motorbike is always recommended and a bit more fun. When you’re not going around the crammed commercial areas by Hanoman Road, you’ll be happy to be up in the hills at Stone House. It’s totally quiet and the lush landscaping cocoons you from whatever may be going on outside.

The Rooms:

The Longhouse 

Hands down our favorite room on property. The Longhouse is a rustic teak villa built on seven-meter stilts. The idea was to design the lodgings of an explorer trekking the mountains of Borneo. The interior is full of pretty antique artifacts and wicker furniture with boho-chic prints and pillows. The Longhouse also features an outdoor rain shower and a wooden rectangular bathtub in the bathroom. The highlight is the private terrace which looks out to the forest and rice paddies behind the hotel. It’s a private haven where you can enjoy breakfast, coffee, or just sit in silence while taking in Ubud’s calming atmosphere. 

Java Suite 

The Java Suite is attached to the communal Great Room and features a canopied bed, ensuite bathroom, and cozy living area. A striking feature of the suite is the painted panels on the walls which used to belong in a real Javanese palace. Exotic trinkets and gorgeous furniture made by Walker are heavily featured in the room. The Java Suite is perfect for art lovers looking for a zen space to recharge. 

Sky View 

Sky View is a leafy two-story building which takes after Mediterranean designs. Walker had never been to Greece, so he created Sky View after what he imagined a Greek holiday home to be like. White stucco walls and turquoise accents are very Santorini. Guests can either rent the upper or lower floor of Sky View, but it’s perfect for families to rent the whole thing as a two-story villa. 

To reserve, book directly at the hotel’s website at 

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