Why Punta Ixtapa Tops OUR Mexico’s Catalog Of Cool Places


Storrey spent a week in Punta Ixtapa.

Ixtapa, Mexico
Descending the steps to Playa Del Amor.

Mexico is known for its signature cuisine and breathtaking landscapes. You’ve probably heard of Cabo, Puerto Vallarta, and Tulum as popular vacation destinations within this beautiful country, but I found a gem on the western coast that is less well known amongst Americans. Ixtapa is a special town nestled on the Pacific coast, 30 minutes outside of Zihuatanejo. I visited the beach complex, Punta Ixtapa, for seven days to celebrate the holidays with my family. I became its #1 advocate due its awe-inspiring beauty, supportive staff, and unparalleled facilities.

Ixtapa, Mexico
The view at Club Don Rodrigo.

The Beaches and Beach Clubs

There were six incredible beaches within walking distance: Playa Don Rodgrigo, Playa El Morro, Playa Quieta, Playa Del Amor, and Playas Las Cuatas. Each beach has soft white sand and warm, turquoise water. The water was so comfortably warm we spent hours relaxing in the ocean.

Playa Don Rodrigo and Playa El Morro both have beach clubs on them which make them excellent places for hanging out all day. They each have infinity pools, bars, and full restaurants. Additionally, the staff is incredibly helpful and kind.

Playa Quieta is the longest and the busiest of the six beaches. It is shared with Club Med and is open to the public. This is a popular spot for families and boat-owners. There are also two massage tents located at either end of the beach which charge $25 an hour.

My personal favorite was the smallest and most secluded of them: Playa Del Amor or Playa Triste as the locals called it. This beach was best for snorkeling and soothing swims. There is an incredible coral reef just off shore and the waves are calm. It is quiet and mostly secluded which makes it the perfect place to escape without disturbance.

Playas Las Cuatas have the most ideal waves for swimming or surfing. They were largest in the afternoon and we would spend an hour or so jumping through the intense waves. The air-conditioned gym is located on one of these beaches as well as an exciting outdoor shower.

Ixtapa, Mexico
Relaxing in the pool at Casa Maramar.

Casa Maramar

The villa mansion we stayed in, Casa Maramar, was beautiful and ideal. It has a total of 16 beds, so it is ideal for large groups traveling together. It is the most incredible property with a surreal view and infinity pool. The palapa is an amazing and beautiful architectural feat. The villa was so perfect that there was hardly any reason to ever leave.

The staff is lovely and so helpful. They prepared three meals everyday as well as intermittent snacks. We asked for traditional Mexican cuisine and the food was amazing for the most part. For example, every morning we had a fruit platter with a variety of impeccable fresh fruits. They also made our beds and tidied our rooms every morning after we woke up. I really appreciate everything they did for us because I know they worked hard to provide us with the best experience possible and they really succeeded.

Ixtapa, Mexico
Rinsing off aftera dip in the Pacific.

Leaving after spending a week in this private paradise was really difficult. I want to visit again immediately, and I have already booked my next trip to Mexico. Punta Ixtapa is definitely the perfect place for jetsetters to escape for vacation. I promise you will fall in love and never want to leave!

Photos: Storrey Lance


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