The Pavilions Phuket Is The Ultimate Private Getaway (Cooking Class Included)

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Serene, natural and totally intimate.

Entering The Pavilions Resort in Phuket is like entering a separate world—one that is serene, natural and totally intimate.

The Pavilions Phuket is the largest property of The Pavilions boutique property brand. It occupies an entire foothill as well as the land below on the western coast of Phuket. First opened in 2006, The Pavilions Phuket started off as 21 Ocean View Pool Villas perched up on the hills. The property has vigorously expanded throughout the years. In 2010 it came out with 24 Spa & Pool Pavilions and Penthouses. And this year they’ve opened the new restaurant Firefly, a brand new spa and 43 luxury suites and lofts. It’s a sweeping resort that offers the perfect tropical getaway for every type of traveler.

Despite the fact that the property is vast in size, each individual unit feels solitary and completely shut off from others. One never has to see other guests if one doesn’t wish to during the entire length of the stay. As the lovely Resident Manager, Simona Chimenti, puts it:

It’s really all about intimacy and privacy. So the couples come here to enjoy their private pool and their private villa, spa treatments—whether in the villa or in the spa directly—and they really want to get away. It’s especially catering to adults, whether it’s a special occasion, honeymoon, anniversary or it’s just to get away without the children. It’s really all about them coming to enjoy the quiet of the island.

The Pavilions’ Ocean View Pool Villas are prime for those who want to enjoy nature without leaving the villa. Spoken from personal experience, it’s difficult to find a reason to step outside. The infinity pool looks out to the beach and forests below and the living room, bedroom and bathroom are all incredibly spacious. It’s incredibly easy to clear out the minibar, put on music and have a private party with an amazing view.

Those who love spa treatments, especially within the privacy of their own home, will love the one-of-a-kind Spa & Pool Pavilions and Penthouses. These villas are lined up along a slope overlooking the valley with a cool outdoor lift to get up and down. Within each one there’s a private pool and terrace with their own spa treatment room. Guests could go down to the newly opened spa down by the suites. But they also have the option of never leaving their villas if they don’t feel like it.

The new suites and penthouses at the foot of the hill are a bit more casual and suitable for families, solo travelers and group getaways. The Two Bedroom Pool Loft is particularly worth noting as it’s incredibly spacious with a large outdoor deck and pool. It’s designed like a modern penthouse apartment in a city but located right in the lush greenery of the resort.

Even Layan Beach, the nearest beach that’s 5 minutes by car is secluded compared to other beaches in Phuket. Layan Beach is sandwiched between two national parks, thus guests are surrounded by tranquil nature all around The Pavilions. Guests won’t encounter many people even when they leave the resort, as the area around Layan Beach is quite undisturbed.

We try to keep our service, kind of unobtrusive. We don’t have butler service and such. We leave our guests a lot of space. If they need anything, we are there for them. But it’s not the kind of constantly following-up service which can be kind of suffocating sometimes. We try to give them as much space as they need. Ultimately they come here to enjoy each other, not to spend time with us.

The Pavilions features excellent, award-winning dining options and venues within the resort. The hotel strives to keep the ambience as relaxed as possible, with no pressure to rush to breakfast or have a dress code at any restaurant.

The Plantation Club is where breakfast, lunch and dinner are served each day with elegant Thai and Western dishes. It’s bright, breezy and blends perfectly into the natural landscape outside. The Plantation Club is where guests can have fun, informational Thai cooking classes with the culinary team as shown in the video.

360° Bar at the very top of the mountain offers sunset cocktails and tapas accompanied by stunning views. If there’s one thing that’ll motivate guests to leave their villas, it’s 360° Bar, with bright pink sunsets and tropical green surroundings.

Firefly is the newest addition to the resort and it is set to be a popular hotspot for both guests and locals around Phuket. Firefly is open-air and trendy with modern décor and a large swimming pool that makes it the ultimate resort lounge. Guests will love the specialty cocktails, wood fired grill Mediterranean cuisine and chill music spinning in this mellow outdoor space.

But of course, guests have the option of private dining delivered to their villa if they wish to maintain privacy. Just like every other aspect of their stay, The Pavilions allows guests to create the ultimate personal retreat that they need.

We want to really create that unique escape. So you have the feeling that you get away from all the hustle and bustle and the clock stops a little bit. You have a respite from everyday life, recharge your batteries. Spend a little bit more time with one another rather than just everybody hurrying after their schedule. And you really get the chance to enjoy life at your own rhythm.

Photos: Nadia Cho

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