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Travel back in time to the 60s when funky pop-art plus modernism was all the rage.

Ever wanted to travel back in time to the 60s when funky pop-art plus modernism was all the rage and life was fun and groovy? If so, travel to Bali where Luna2 studiotel is waiting to transport you to the stylish imagination of the 60s space age!

Luna2 Studiotel is a hotel like no other in Bali, let alone in the world. It’s a space that’s entirely dedicated to bringing alive the ultra-futuristic imagination of the 1950s and 60s. The lovely (former) Head of PR & Communications at Luna2, Elissa Doyle, breaks it down perfectly:

“Luna2 was named after the first spacecraft to land on the moon. That was on September 14th, 1959. It was founded by Melanie Hall and her husband, Stuart. Melanie was really inspired by that time period, the 1950s and 60s.

Everything is a throwback to that time period which she always loved. You see the Star Trek, you see Twiggy, you see the Mondrian, so that’s what she put into Luna2. We have an ethos that we ‘Respect the past. Welcome the future. And like to have fun in the process.’ It’s infused into everything that we do here. It’s nostalgia with the throwbacks. It’s futurism with the Space Race and the landing on the moon. And it’s fun.”

Indeed, every part of Luna2 is incredibly fun as you feel like you’re living inside “The Jetsons” or clubbing with mods in London. Entering the hotel feels like going in a spaceship as you pull back the rectangular door with rounded edges to an all-white building. The moment you walk in, you’re greeted with a champagne cocktail by a hostess dressed head to toe in plaid and go-go boots. It’s the swanky, colorful side of the 1960s that will forever be stylish and retro.

“You’ll see things like downstairs is a throwback to Studio 54, the Mondrian color blocking, Rubik’s cubes, Monopoly. But you don’t feel like it’s dated. They’re classics that are still really cool today.”

With such colorful and innovative design, it’s no surprise that the founder and designer of Luna2 is British interior designer, Melanie Hall. Major props to her as this girl clearly knew what she was doing. Hall got her start as a visual merchandiser in fashion at Harrods. She and her father shared a passion for modernist design growing up and she wanted to pay tribute to that part of the past in her work.

Guests will be delighted with whichever room they reserve as every room is bright, uber-spacious and pops with cosmic colors. With only 14 rooms, each one truly feels like a studio with an elongated sofa, kitchenette, dining table and private balcony. The amenities in the rooms are what make the hotel truly unique and give it extra flair. A square retro TV with huge headphones is available so two people can watch different programs without bothering the other. There’s also a flat screen TV hanging on the wall above the bathtub which makes for a seriously fun bubble bath. And to top it all off the loaded iPod seriously has the sexiest and grooviest music to provide the soundtrack to your entire trip!

There’s lots to explore outside of the rooms as well. Downstairs, Pop! Lounge bar is an amazing throwback to the ultimate discotheque. With an all-white interior glowing in pink and purple with a light-up sunken dance floor and dancing pole, you won’t ever want to leave the disco days. Right next to Pop! is Lunaplex theater where you can stay in from the sun and watch movies twice a day on comfy colorful seats. Orbit, the bright and sunny in-house restaurant, serves European food with a special twist aka. Luna food, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And finally, Space is the chic rooftop bar with stunning views of the beach.

Groups and families looking for something more private are in for a special treat, as there’s the 5 bedroom Luna2 Private Hotel down by the beach. Guests can rent the entire house to themselves like a villa, but it also comes with a full hotel staff to look after the house. This villa is totally decked out in the same 60s pop-art and modernism. But it’s even cooler with sunken floors, custom-design fabrics and infinity pool looking out to the beach. It’s where James Bond (the Sean Connery or Rodger Moore James Bond) would’ve stayed for a stylish, sexy escapade in Bali.

With the most retro design concept and coolest amenities, staying at Luna2 Studiotel is a must-do in Bali! For an out-of-this-world, cosmic hotel experience, check in right now to Luna2!

Photos: Nadia Cho

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