Why Huma Kotor Bay Hotel & Villas Is Your Choice In Montenegro

There’s something quite mythical about Kotor Bay.

Unless you’ve made a trip there, you couldn’t possibly imagine what it’s like to stand upon orbs of rocks soaked in brisk water that blithely runs through Europe’s southernmost fjord. Look up, brazenly gaze at Montenegro’s legendary Black Mountains – the literal meaning of the small Balkan state’s name – as it casts magical spells. Flights away from storms of tourists in Croatia and Greece, this very spot in the world is bursting with enigma. In all the best way possible.

HUMA aerial viewjpg
Aerial view. PHOTO Huma Kotor Bay Hotel & Villas

The unassuming yet enchanting little town of Dobrota is wedged at the crux of Kotor Bay, it’s also where you’ll find Huma Kotor Bay Hotel & Villas, a five-star haven embodying the ultimate escape from anyone’s depleting daily grind. During the day, you’ll wander throughout UNESCO World Heritage Sites, inhale Old Town’s pious history, uncover its striking mythology via boat rides or by foot.

When dusk arrives or on days when you feel like doing absolutely nothing, Huma Kotor Bay Hotel & Villas’ luscious 89 cavernous rooms and suites boast ample light designed to infuse interior space with the popular town’s natural landscape. Depending on various needs, the rooms range from classic, deluxe to premium for either couples or small families. Two and three-bedroom suites are perfectly made for larger families and friends in town celebrating special occasions.

Huma Kotor Bay
PHOTO Huma Kotor Bay
Huma bedroom
Bedroom. PHOTO Huma Kotor Bay Hotel & Villas
Bedroom entrance Huma
Bedroom entrance. PHOTO Huma Kotor Bay Hotel & Villas

The yearn for private gardens and breathtaking views of Kotor Bay can be satiated by a cozy collection of 10 luxurious beachfront villas, each encompassing over 200 square meters. The broad open space on the ground floor encapsulates: living room, dining area and kitchen. The private upper floor is ideal for personal space that lodge three charming bedrooms and two bathrooms. As a bonus treat, there are refreshments gifted to the villa everyday from Huma’s very own fine dining restaurant: Mudra Art Cuisine.

Huma Kotor Bay
PHOTO Huma Kotor Bay
Huma Kotor Bay
PHOTO Huma Kotor Bay
Huma Kotor Bay
PHOTO Huma Kotor Bay
Huma Kotor Bay
PHOTO Huma Kotor Bay

Speaking of Mudra Art Cuisine, a culinary notion of translating history’s prominent artworks onto delectable dishes through Montenegro’s local produce. Accompanied by the coastline’s spectacular sunset view and sounds of thrashing waves, executive chef Aleksander Kerekeš and executive pastry chef Kristina Radosavljević combine skillful talents to deliver gastronomic experiences. Chef Kerekeš’ small garden plays a large role in Mudra’s menu composition and, most importantly, his approach towards the slow food movement by respecting regional cuisine and seasonal ingredients. The menu itself is a walk through art history since the pages are marked by images of Impressionism, Romanticism, Renaissance, Expressionism, Surrealism…and many more.

Pasta Paccheri with Prawns
Pasta Paccheri with Prawns. PHOTO WENDY HUNG
Cauliflower Risotto
Cauliflower Risotto. PHOTO WENDY HUNG

After a few days in Montenegro, you’ll soon notice that Italian and Japanese cuisines take precedence over any other global influence. Lola Braza is Huma’s spotlight on Nikkei cooking – Peruvian ingredients contoured by Japanese techniques. Since Montenegro’s access to fresh seafood is akin to that of Peru, Lola Braza’s sushi platters are not to be missed.

Lola Braza
PHOTO Lola Braza

The awe-inspiring view from Virtù Beach is a grandiose fusion of an open sea effortlessly rippling below majestic mountains draping over Montenegro’s opulent landscape. On Saturdays during summer months, the beach lounge is transformed into Kotor’s hotspot with world class DJs spinning and drinks jovially flowing. Expect pre-noon beach cocktails and lively party nights, Virtù  Lounge and Restaurant caters to both families and vacationers looking for a good time. After a quick dip in the sea, you can also opt to sunbathe by one of the lavish infinity pools.

Huma Kotor Bay Hotel Virtu Beach
Virtu Beach. PHOTO Huma Kotor Bay Hotel & Villas
Huma Kotor Bay Hotel Virtu Beach
Virtu Beach lounge bed. PHOTO Huma Kotor Bay Hotel & Villas
Huma Kotor Bay Hotel pool
Poolside. PHOTO Huma Kotor Bay Hotel & Villas

Shanti Wellness & Spa is a rejuvenating oasis offering VIP couple treatments, facials, body massages and more. If the reservations are fully booked, guests can still enjoy the steam room, sauna and the gym. In addition, Shanti also pampers female travelers with beauty and hair salons. To complete its wellness program, there are  personalized fitness and yoga sessions instructed by a professional trainer.

Huma Kotor Bay Hotel
Shanti Spa. PHOTO Huma Kotor Bay Hotel & Villas
Huma Kotor Bay Hotel
Shanti Wellness & Spa. PHOTO Huma Kotor Bay Hotel & Villas

In recent years, numerous avid travelers have put Montenegro on the map. The tiny Balkan state has rightfully earned its eminent buzz, with marvelous blend of mountains and the sea, travelers and tourists, rustic and luxury. From Budva to Herceg Novi. If you ever find yourself in Kotor Bay, now you know where to stay.

Kotor by night. PHOTO Huma Kotor Bay Hotel & Villas
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