Why Celebs Are Flocking To The Club Where Meghan Markle Had Her Bachelorette

A cozy getaway from the trendy elites.

Facebook/Soho House & Co

If you’re gonna marry a prince, the bachelorette party needs to be done right. Meghan Markle might have opted for a low-key spa day with her girlfriends during her “hen-do,” but the location is anything but subtle.

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Situated in Oxfordshire, Soho Farmhouse is part of the globally famous Soho House – the exclusive private clubs in metropolitans around the world. Normally, membership for Soho House range from USD $2,000 to $3,000/year. You can find them in cities including: Istanbul, London, Los Angeles, NYC…etc. It’s a great way for bougie travelers who can go from city to city, grab a drink by the pool where there’s a Soho House and hang with the posh crowd.

Facebook/Soho House & Co

Markle’s stay wasn’t blasted on social media, but once word got out where she celebrated her bachelorette, numerous celebrities decided to hit the chic joint and post their fabulous experiences.

With 40 cabins, a seven-bedroom home, and a four-bedroom cottage, the club sure is a cozy getaway from the trendy elites.



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