Top 3 Wineries In Mexico’s Valle De Guadalupe You Can’t Miss


Storrey has explored Valle de Guadalupe twice for one day at a time.

Valle De Guadalupe, Mexico
The vines at Monte Xanic.

The upcoming wine country in Baja California, Mexico is expanding quickly and, as a result, is starting to attract people from all over. The valley is almost entirely blanketed in vineyards. As the area becomes more well-known wineries are popping up left and right. This is a great place to go for a fun weekend adventure on a budget. This vacation allows you to discover a new part of Mexican culture and spoil yourself with wine and delicious food while still remaining within your price range. The three best wineries that I went to this weekend are: Monte Xanic, Las Nubes, and Decantos Vinicola. They are listed in no particular order because they were all very nice and each had elements which made them unique.

Valle De Guadalupe, Mexico
The pond-side outdoor seating at Monte Xanic.

Monte Xanic 

This quaint winery sits beside an adorable pond and offers incredible outdoor seating. The staff greets you when you arrive, and they help you decide whether to order a tasting or a bottle. We got two bottles: a white cabernet and a red cabernet blend. They were both very good. The cheese plate we ordered was subpar, but the scenery and the wine made up for that.

Valle De Guadalupe, Mexico
The decadent cheese plate at Las Nubes.

Las Nubes 

Las Nubes is perched on top of a small hill which gives it an incredible view. The facilities were truly lovely. There was even a couple that got married on the outdoor terrace while we enjoyed three bottles of different reds. The cheese plate we got there was absolutely stunning and delicious (pictured). The terrace provides a lovely view of the entire valley.

Valle De Guadalupe, Mexico
The view from the terrace at Decantos Vinicola.

Decantos Vinicola

The wine at Decantos wasn’t the best, but it is known for having amazing food and sangria. We ordered the house ceviche and the green ceviche, and they were seriously incredible. The sangria was sweet and refreshing. I preferred it to the bottles of Syrah and Malbec wine that we ordered. Everyone else enjoyed the Syrah a lot and we bought two more bottles of it to bring home.

I expect that this area of Mexico will continue to grow in popularity and modernity. All three off these wineries are impeccably designed and maintained. It is clear that the valley is dedicated to this industry. I highly recommend this area for jetsetters who enjoy new and delicious experiences at a fair price. My final advice for wine tastings is to bring a deck of cards.

Photos: Storrey Lance


Storrey Lance


Storrey's passion for travel has never stopped, including studying abroad in Italy. She's a foodie, vegetarian & loves to bake pies.

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