Which Country Won The Wine Taste Test? (Hint: It Wasn’t The French!)


Le Château Du Galoupet

Le Château Du Galoupet

Sure, the Chinese can win a wine taste test when pigs can fly. Apparently, the pigs have flown.

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Out of 21 teams to ID six whites and six reds without seeing the bottles or labels, the French came in second while the Americans came in third. First place? The forever underdog in this business – the Chinese.

Despite previous domination by the French, the Spanish and Italians; Chinese wine industry has blossomed in recent years after the government decided to designate parts of the land to growing grapes. Last year, 1.97 million acres of land were used as vineyards, which is the second largest after Spain.

Furthermore, it was a Chinese winery that won an international gold medal back in 2011.

On Saturday, Liu Chunxia, Tze Chien Chen, Xi Chen, Xianchen Ma and coach Alexander Brice Leboucq comprised the Chinese team competing at the Chateau du Galoupet, one of France’s largest wine estates.

The Chinese team said they won based on knowledge and luck in identifying 12 wines’ countries of origin, vintages, producers, grape varieties and appellation. Even the organizers recalled the Chinese winning with a humble attitude, according to La Revue du vin de France.

Previous champions, the Spanish, fell to 10th place this year while the British won the 11th place. Do you think the Chinese will ever dominate the wine industry?

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