What Happens To The $323,000 Bluefin Tuna Sold At Tsukiji Fish Market Auction?

And it weighs 890 pounds!


This week, Tokyo’s famous Tsukiji Fish Market sold the first giant bluefina tuna for 2018 at $323,000 which translates to $800/pound.

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This comes at a time when the tourist-heavy fish market will be relocated to a new address due to 2020 Tokyo Olympics. According to Financial Timesthe company which bought the tuna operates several high-end sushi restaurants in Tokyo, and it plans on cutting it into 13,000 pieces of sushi.

For the first time in seven years, the priciest fish at the New Year’s auction was NOT sold to restauranteur Kiyoshi Kimura. In 2013, the owner of the sushi-chain restaurant Sushi Zanmai bought a blufin tuna at $1.76 million = $3,000/pound.

The quality of the fish isn’t necessarily reflected upon its price. The New Year’s auction is indeed a Tsukiji tradition, but it’s also a huge publicity stunt for the highest bidder’s restaurants.

Tsukiji has been at its current location or 80 years, it’s a must-stop for most visitors in Tokyo looking for the freshest uni or sashimi plate. Despite major controversy regarding contaminated soil in the new location, Tsukiji will move two miles away to Toyosu to make room for the 2020 Games.


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