EAT: Top 5 Places To Get Your Grub On In Paros

Traditional Greek dishes with modern twists!

Top Restaurants in Paros

Dining in Paros is filled with traditional Greek dishes, probably indulged in the Naousa neighborhood. Before we dive into the best places to eat in Paros, let’s set the mood.

Start with a stroll in the gorgeous area, and grab a drink while people watch at a cafe. When the clock strikes 9pm, that’s when you can get up and wander again to look for a dining option. Dinners in Greece start late, even later than in Paris. We’re talkin’ 10pm or so, since most restaurants will continue ’til midnight with many that’ll stay open even after. 8pm is considered an early bird (special).

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Reservations aren’t necessary, except for during high season or if you decided to dine at Soso (see below.) You might want to book a few days to a week in advance, just to make sure you have a table. Most restaurants DO NOT have actual addresses in Google Maps, so type in the name of the restaurant, then follow Google Maps to find it.

1. Statheros Meze Place – Best Hidden Gem

Neighborhood: Naousa

Serving up delicious small dishes of Middle Eastern appetizers, Statheros is one that not many are buzzing about yet but they will. Hidden in a cozy alley, Statheros’ simple but great quality Greek meze include: moussaka, cod fritters, keftedakia (meatballs). Not to mention, the stuffed vine leaves are divine!

2. Soso – Best Greek Fusion

Neighborhood: Naousa

Soso tops every restaurant list in Paros, because it serves fantastic Greek dishes with a modern flair. Tucked inside the tiny alleys of Naousa, Soso oozes a romantic ambiance perfect for couples dining out. Get the aubergine rolls with bacon and cheese, slow-cooked pork, lamb in lemon sauce, and the tuna souvlaki. Make a reservation because it’s one of the most popular restaurants in town.

3. Siparos – Best Sunset View

Neighborhood: Naousa

As one of the most recommended restaurants in Paros, Siparos is known for its grilled fish, orzo, mussels, and tagliata. It’s located between the Naoussa and Santa Maria Beach, so don’t miss the sunset. There’s a great wine list to go along with grilled shrimps and grilled calamari. If you want a fish meal all the way, then start with the tuna tartar and move onto the grilled sea bass.

4. Vitsadakis Restaurant – Best Local Find

Neighborhood: Naoussa

Recommended by a local after we asked for a restaurant that isn’t touristy. Vitsadakis is a great option if you’re looking for a simple restaurant by the port. It has great prices on the menu with good food quality. Get the zucchini croquette, the crab, and grilled octopus.

5. Taverna Glafkos – Best Lunch Spot

Neighborhood: Naoussa

Quite the hidden gem, Taverna Glafkos is known for its squid ink risotto and a Greek yogurt dessert with dried fruit. Located at a dead-end alley, it has outdoor terrace on the beach and an upstairs with sea view by the fireplace. Since it’s located by the waterfront and might get chilly in the evenings, we highly recommend this traditional Greek taverna for lunch.


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