A Tart At Heart: 3127 Calories Later, The World’s Best Egg Tart Was In HK!

The name of my favorite egg tart baking master bakery in Hong Kong is called: Honolulu Coffee Shop.


That’s right; I ate them all so you wouldn’t have to! I suffer for my fellow Jetset Times lovers, oh yes…just ask my fitbit daily report (electronic fitness report,) the little, sad icon even had a tear on it.

“What is an egg tart,” you say? Well, it isn’t what you are thinking, most likely that is. A Hong Kong egg tart is somewhere between a delicate frothy textured, crème brûlée and a rich creamy egg custard. Whenever visiting a new country, it is always great to sample something unique and wonderful from the local cuisine. Egg tarts in Hong Kong is definitely one of those culinary opportunities you can’t pass up. Egg tarts are small-ish, they fit in the middle of most people’s palms, five or seven centimeters across in general. They have a flakey pie crust, a firm. Sometimes, creamier filling with a slight golden hue, and the surface of your egg tart is usually a richer yellow, a result from the cooking process.

I start all of my culinary adventures by local delving, probably as you should too! Bother as many locals as you can. Hong Kong residents were shocked by my personal interest, however, every single person seemed happy and enthused that I wanted to know their opinion and exactly where they buy their specific egg tarts. I asked over 25 people, from my friends that live in Hong Kong, to the taxi driver and woman working at the local Watson’s (a small drugstore chain) Over 25 percent pointed me in one direction, but wait, could I really trust my survey.

No, much like a Pokemon master…I decided I must try them ALL! And I did…

From Kowloon to the island, I canvased the streets, first buying a few items, “just one egg tart please.” If you see these Hong Kong bakeries, you will immediately know what I mean: almond cookies, baked pizza, croissant-like items, sweet muffins and scrumptious Danishes. It’s a dieter’s nightmare, a sweet carbohydrate-filled dream that would only end upon finding something truly special for my article.

Let me say, at this point, there were no truly bad egg tarts. There were a few that bordered on gelatinous. But even those surpassed my poor US based equivalents. There is a high standard for a good egg tart in Hong Kong.

Before I drop the name of the place you will love, be amazed by and thank me profusely for visiting. It is not a name you are ready for. The name of my favorite egg tart baking master bakery in Hong Kong is called: Honolulu Coffee Shop. Seriously I realize how odd this seems, but in Hong Kong everything is not as it appears. Some of the best fast food fried rice is at the American café.

The Honolulu Coffee Shop has the most delicate crust I had in the entire city, the crème inside was so light when my fork moved through it as if it was silk, yet it left a smooth slightly geometric wall where my utensil had been. It was sweet but not too sweet, the top layer was gorgeous and lemony yellow, like a sunrise over the china hills viewed from the peak of Hong Kong island.

I had found my Pikachu of tarts and its lightning rod ability electrified my taste buds, and it will do the same to yours! Visit this cute little bakery in Wan Chai district of Hong Kong island for a local specialty that will become a custom for future visits.

Article and Photos by Doug Sharp.

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