Spice Up Your Trip With These 13 Must-Eat Foods In Bhutan


JST DAJ Expeditions 13 Must-Eat Foods in Bhutan

Powered By DAJ Expeditions logoYou’ve made it all the way to the Kingdom of Happiness in Asia, and ready to feast your heart out. But what is to be expected?

First and foremost, get ready for plenty of hot and spicy. For a country full of zen-ful attitudes, food in Bhutan sure speaks from an opposite and fiery end of the spectrum. If you’re a lover of chilies and piquant flavors, then you’re in heaven!

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Local cuisine incorporates lots of chilies, red peppers, spinach, cabbage, chicken, beef, yak…etc. Vegetarians will be offered many choices as a huge population in Bhutan don’t eat meat due to religious practices.

Since most travelers arrive in Bhutan with guided tours, meals are often pre-arranged either at local restaurants or hotel buffets in which you’ll most likely encounter these 13 aromatic and tempting dishes. Eat well to refuel for that trek up Tiger’s Nest!


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