Salta, Argentina’s 5 Best Eats (& Why You’ll Love Them)

A few years ago, I decided to go on an incredible bicycle journey from Alaska to Ushuaia, witnessing cultural diversity and astonishing landscapes along the way. Of all the places I visited, Salta is the one city I knew I just had to return to.

La Casa del Molino
La Casona del Molino. INSTAGRAM la_covacha_hostel

It was where I found welcoming and smiling people once again, and share this happiness with the rest of the world. Here are my top five restaurants you must try in Salta!

1. La Casona del Molino

Luis Burela 1, 4400 Salta, Argentina (map, website)

La Casona del Molino has to be my first choice! As one of the most popular eateries for Salteños, locals love to gather here on weekends to share a traditional asado (variety of grilled meats) and enjoy live music from local bands playing Argentinean folkloric songs.

2. Café del Tiempo

Balcarce 901, 4400 Salta, Argentina (map, website)

A stop by Café del Tiempo is an absolute must! This restaurant perfectly combines exquisite food and fancy authentic design. Located in the trendy neighborhood of Balcarce, it’s a cool spot where young Salteños go out for a drink and dance all night. Their specialty dish, Lomo del Tiempo, serves some of most tender meat you will ever taste!

3. El Charrúa Restaurante y Parrillada

Caseros 221, A4400DME Salta, Argentina (map, website)

Always full and popular with locals, El Charrúa Restaurante y Parrillada is a great little restaurant for families and offers a large variety of local wines. The portions are big and the menu is diverse, including a tasty Limoncello that will leave you very pleased!

4. La Cava de Madero

Calle Gral Mitre 81, Salta A4400EHA, Argentina (map, website)

If you are looking for a good place to eat on the main Square, La Cava de Madero is the one! The terrace is wide enough to view street shows below, perfect for people watching or watching all the activity from the heart of Salta. Their food is tasty, traditional, and absolutely worthwhile.

5. La Criollita

Zuviría 306, 4400 Salta, Argentina (map, website)

La Criollita is a hidden place just a few blocks away from the city’s main attractions, which offers some of the finest empanadas in Salta. Featuring a menu of 100% local food, opt for a mix of Empanadas and their delicious locro, a typical Northwest Argentinian dish.

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