EAT: Top 5 Places To Get Your Grub On In Panama City

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Are you a seafood lover? Panama will be your food haven! The culinary scene in the nation’s capital is bursting with talented chefs who focus on organic, fresh ingredients. But we have one very important word for you: ceviche!

1. Maito – Best Organic Cuisine With Flair

$$$$ Calle 50, Ciudad de Panamá, ( (mapwebsite)

You want a restaurant that serves fresh produce, organic ingredients but shows a point of view on the plates? Maito has risen to be the sparkle in Panama City simply for its vision. Chef Mario is extremely aware of what he’s delivering to the Panamanian public. His creations behind every dish on the menu, complimented by extraordinary wine selections showcase a city on the verge of reinvention. You’re in Panama, give the chef’s seafood dishes extra love and attention! Stuffed Squid dish and the Tamal Polenta and Organic Chicken (with fried octopus, shrimp and squid) sound beyond mouth-watering!

Maito Panama restaurant

2. Mercado de Mariscos – Best Fish Market

$$$$ Cinta Costera, Ciudad de Panamá ‎(mapwebsite)

The freshest fish market in Panama City in near Casco Viejo district! Mix in with locals and get your seafood fix at Mercado de Mariscos. Fried fish, fresh ceviches, octopus, squid, lobster, shrimp, king crabs… you name it! Best part: each under $5! This is a traveler’s dream, especially those who want to do it the way Panamanians do. Grab a plastic chair and pig out!

fried fish market panama city

3. Ego y Narciso – Best Late-Night Grub

$$$$ Plaza Bolívar, calle 3ra, San Felipe, Panamá ‎(mapwebsite)

In the Casco Viejo neighborhood, Ego y Narcisco is a lovely joint with a great comprehensive menu. From fresh seafood, delicious salads, tasty pastas to hearty meat dishes. The ambiance is warm and romantic, perfect to meet friends for drinks and dinner. We highly recommend outdoor seating as it is in the square, naturally feels as if you’re having dinner in the park!

panama restaurant Ego y Narciso

4. Manolo Caracol – Sexiest Caribbean Cuisine

$$$$ Avenida Central y Calle 3ra – Casco Antiguo, Panama (map, website)

Manolo Caracol has three passions in life, and you can clearly witness all of them in his restaurant. He is a bookseller, chef and art dealer. His cuisine is not only creative, but completely seducive with influences from Europe, Asia and of course, Central America. With a focus on fresh produce by having its own farm, we think you should try the seafood dishes and their homegrown vegetables. The restaurant is also in the rustic Caso Viejo neighborhood, oh-so-charming!

panama restaurant Manolo Caracol

5. La Casa del Marisco – Best Fancy Seafood

$$$$ Área Bancaria, Cl. Manuel María Icaza, Panama (mapwebsite)

La Casa del Marisco was founded in 1965 by Don Ramón Martínez Acha and his wife Dona Claudia Vasquez Martinez. Today, it is one of the most popular among locals and travelers. The restaurant has a great wine menu, along with delectable seafood dishes. We’re talking about giant octopus and crabs that come in the sizes of two hands. This place is quite fancy, so definitely dress up. If you’re looking for a romantic night or the perfect place to conduct a business dinner, La Casa del Marisco is ideally and deliciously impressive!

la casa del marisco panama restaurant

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