Mantra Of The Day: “Eat Well & Travel Often”

My sister recently gifted me with a tote that reads “Happiness: Eat well and travel often” – a motto I agree with whole-heartedly.

PHOTO Lizzy and Caity Monroe

For me, food is an integral part of experiencing a foreign culture. I couldn’t have left Berlin without trying Mustafa’s famous Gemüse Kebap (even at the cost of a 45-minute wait in the snow) and my trip to Istanbul wouldn’t have been the same without sampling countless flavors of Turkish delights and Baklavas. I could spend hours researching interesting places to eat and foods to try. I am guilty of photographing many of my meals when eating out (my Instagram account is 95% filled with pictures of food and vacations). This is probably why my sister recently gifted me with a tote that reads “Happiness: Eat well and travel often” – a motto I agree with whole-heartedly.

Ethiopian - Caity
PHOTO Lizzy and Caity Monroe

Traveling is about being open minded and I’m a strong believer that this attitude should extend to food. I’m a sucker for street food and I will try anything (within reason) at least once. Though both of these have occasionally come with unpleasant consequences for my stomach, others have greatly contributed to my fondest travel memories.

Fruit - Caity
PHOTO Lizzy and Caity Monroe

When I’m traveling, meals aren’t just about food. Whether they’re enjoyed solo or with a group, meals offer a chance to relax and take in your surroundings. Traveling can be extremely taxing and as much as I would like to deny it, there comes a time when I burn out. Whether this exhaustion is due to sensory overload, language barriers or jet lag, a good sit-down meal can serve as the perfect chance to rejuvenate while still experiencing something new.

PHOTO Lizzy and Caity Monroe


PHOTO Lizzy and Caity Monroe

The meal doesn’t have to be at a Michelin-Star restaurant (although that doesn’t hurt). Some of my favorite meals have been picnics thrown together in unconventional places with random foods (ex: Biltong, cheese, grapes, fresh bread and some ciders on top of Lion’s Head in Cape Town). What really matters is to take the time to sit, relax and reflect on your new experience. All alongside some local specialties, of course!

PHOTO Lizzy and Caity Monroe


The Factory
PHOTO Lizzy and Caity Monroe


Lizzy Monroe

Originally from Eugene, OR, Lizzy graduated from Stanford University. She's a coffee & street market enthusiast, her travel style involves planning ahead but never hesitating to improvise. Her favorite country is South Africa, she never travels without her Swiss Army Knife - mostly because of the hidden pen, tweezers and corkscrew.

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