If You Want A Good Time Head To Piencone Pizzeria!

Piencone Pizzeria, Creamery and Pub is a whimsical new eatery bringing a whole lot more deliciousness to the area.

Piencone Dining Room

Eagle Rock has been developing into quite the hipster haven in recent years. The low-key suburb-ish neighborhood 20 minutes east of Downtown L.A. has become a popular residence for hip, laid back digs like arcade bars, cute restaurants and beer halls. Piencone Pizzeria, Creamery and Pub is a whimsical new eatery bringing a whole lot more deliciousness to the area.

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Just like the name suggests, Piencone Pizzeria, Creamery and Pub has got something for everyone. It’s got wood-fired pizza, homemade ice cream and local craft beer. It’s a millennial version of a neighborhood restaurant where groups and families of all ages can enjoy a wholesome atmosphere without compromising artisan taste and quality.

Dining Room

The minds behind this fun dining concept are co-owners Michelle and Corey Wilton, both local Eagle Rock residents, and their bar manager slash business partner Herb Gualpa, a native of Echo Park. The three of them wanted to create an approachable space for their tight-knit community to gather. Every aspect of Piencone from the cuisine to the bar experience to the design was made with their community in mind. Their unanimous goal was for Piencone to become a “family-friendly restaurant and ultimate gathering place for the Eagle Rock community.”

The restaurant is indeed an ideal space for gatherings of all sizes, whether it’s a date, family dinner or large group outing. It comprises of two spacious dining rooms, a pub and an outdoor patio. The décor of the dining rooms is bright and happy, with tall white ceilings colored by wallpaper and framed pictures of palm fronds in watercolor. The pub is cool and laid back with a long oak bar that can fit the whole block. And in case you need even more space, there’s a charming outdoor patio with fairy lights and picnic-style tables. It’s the preferred dining place for kids as it has a little playhouse and board games for them to play with during the meal.  

Piencone’s Pizzas are made with diverse, colorful toppings on top of a fluffy wood-fired crust. My hands down favorite was the Honey Pot, which was topped with Salami Americano, sheep’s cheese, spigarello and drizzled in honey: the perfect mixture of salty, thick and sweet textures and flavors. On the menu there are other creative pies boasting fresh artisan ingredients such as the Squashington (kabocha, shallots, almond ricotta), Cauli Dreaming (cauliflower, béchamel, grana Padano) and the Dig Dug (spring peas, potato and dill). Of course there are vegan and gluten-free options, otherwise it wouldn’t be a truly millennial California pizza parlor.

Once you wolf down one or two pizzas, you definitely can’t leave without getting some ice cream in a hot waffle cone. Piencone’s ice cream is all homemade, pasteurized on-site and 100% organic. They have at least three delectable flavors you’ll want to try, with flavors like Brown Butter Lavender, Sesame Caramel, Mexican Hot Chocolate and Coconut Passion Fruit Sorbet.

Dining Room Piencone

Come for the pizza, beers or the homemade ice cream and stay for the awesome community vibes at Piencone Pizzeria! Bring your mom, kids, wife or friends, because no matter who you’re with, you’re bound to have a fun, laid back time at this new artisan eatery.

All photos by Nadia Cho

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