Want REAL Soul Food? Get Breakfast At Buttermilk Kitchen.

A uniquely southern experience.

Tip! Order the biscuit basket to start.

One of the reasons I was most excited to go to Atlanta was to try real soul food. With this being my first time in the south, I was really eager to try authentic southern cuisine, so when I came upon a breakfast restaurant called Buttermilk Kitchen, naturally I was thrilled to see what they had to offer.

Buttermilk Kitchen is in the Buckhead district of Atlanta. It’s a relatively small, very popular breakfast spot that is well known to Atlanta locals of all districts. In fact, the night before going, I told a Lyft driver I had plans to dine there, and she adamantly urged me to try it out, saying it’s a great spot for a tourist to get a taste of Atlanta.

Pulling up to the restaurant, its popularity is immediately evident. It’s so filled with people that there are various parking lots allotted to it, and there is always a line wrapping around the building as people wait to get a table.

After a bit of a wait, we entered the restaurant, and you are really made to feel as though you’ve entered somebody’s kitchen; the interior is decorated comfortably and cozily.

Buttermilk Kitchen
Chicken and Waffles.

As for the food, it was definitely worth the wait. I love southern food but have only eaten it on the west coast so I couldn’t wait to taste the real deal. Given the name of the restaurant, we absolutely had to order the biscuit basket to start, which was brought with two different kinds of homemade jams- one berry flavored and one red pepper flavored. These jams are so popular that the restaurant actually sells them by the jar. I would rank these biscuits and jam as one of the best things I ate during my entire time in Atlanta. On top of the biscuits, I tried their fresh squeezed grapefruit juice, which was deliciously tangy and unlike any other juice I had tried before. Something I would certainly recommend to try.

For our main courses, the most notable meals we got around the table were the biscuits and gravy and the chicken and waffles. Both were delicious and definite must-haves when in the south. The entire experience here was great from start to finish; the cozy atmosphere, the quality of the food, and the warmth of the wait staff. The trope of “southern hospitality” absolutely rang true at this restaurant.

Buttermilk Kitchen to me felt like a uniquely southern experience that I was happy to have tried, and is a must for any breakfast lover traveling to Atlanta.

Buttermilk Kitchen
Biscuit Basket.

Photos: Mandy Mogannam

Mandy Mogannam


Mandy enjoys baking, 90's R&B & indulging in french pastries. Her favorite travel experiences are swimming in the hot springs of Budapest & riding a camel in India.

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