Why Bo de B Sandwich Shop Doesn’t Live Up To The Hype

Bo de B Sandwich Shop
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Bo de B Sandwich Shop
Bo de B Sandwich Shop
Bo de B Sandwich Shop
Bo de B Sandwich Shop

Is it worth all of the talk and the long lines?

While vacationing in Barcelona, I had to try the sandwich shop in the Gothic Quarter Bo de B to see what all the hype was about. I read online about the long wait, so I arrived at the shop at 11:50 a.m., 10 minutes before they were supposed to open at 12 p.m. I was the first in line and shortly after I arrived, many people lined up behind me. At 12 p.m., they opened the shop door and three ladies walked in (who ended up being employees at the sandwich shop). I walked into the shop and was yelled at by one of the employees because apparently they were not open yet, even though it was 12 p.m. and the door was open. I waited about 10 more minutes until they were ready.

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The place is very small; there are about eight tables. Since I was the first in line, I was able to get a table and I immediately sat down. One of the employees became upset at me for putting the water bottle that I had brought with me on the table. I wasn’t really sure why I couldn’t put my water on the table. Since I was dining in the shop, I ordered my food by yelling my order to the cook behind the counter because the place was very loud due to the speaker that was blasting next to my table.

I ordered the chicken salad plate. The salad was basically a deconstructed bocadillo which came with cabbage, lentils, tomatoes, cucumbers, rice, olives and a side of bread. The chicken was properly cooked. The sides were fresh. However, the sauces that accompanied the plate were odd.

Although the ingredients are fresh and the prices are great (bocadillos are 4 euros and salads are 7 euros; make sure to bring cash because they do not accept credit card), this place does not live up to all of the talk and the long lines.

Photos: Brooke Levenstein


Brooke Levenstein

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Brooke is a Los Angeles native currently studying Business Administration at UC Berkeley. You can find her at the mall, yoga studio, or dining at new local restaurants.

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