Exclusive Q&A! Explore Portland, Oregon with Bishops Barbershop

Crazy haircuts, free beer, and the Portland dining scene.

barbershop portland oregon

After Jetset Times contributor, Louis Alcorn, gave Bishops Barbershop the thumbs up last week, we wanted to find out more. Here, in an exclusive Q&A, Holly Johnson dishes on crazy haircuts, free beer, and the Portland dining scene.

barbershop oregon portlandJetset Times: For those who aren’t “in the know” with Portland, what neighborhood are you located in and how would you describe it?

Holly Johnson: Bishops Barbershop’s first location opened on Hawthorne Boulevard, which is known as the laid back, cool, bohemian area – not to miss! Bishops now has twelve locations all over Portland. Each location is in a desirable neighborhood where you find great shops, restaurants, and bars.

JST: What’s the craziest hair cut (style, color, etc.) a customer has every asked for?

HJ: HAHA! This is good! Quoted from Cali, our NE 28th Street shop manager, “She wanted it shaved up the back, bowl cut about ear length, parted down the middle and one piece on her front hair line, like bangs, cut one inch long so it stuck straight up.”

barbershop portland oregon

JST: Wow, that is crazy! What are three reasons why you should get a haircut at Bishops Barbershop?

HJ: 1. The staff is awesome, 2. Amazing cuts and color, 3. Super affordable, 4. And FREE beer.

portland oregonJST: What’s your go-to lunch spot during the workweek? What makes it awesome?

HJ: 24th & Meatballs. It’s very “Portland” – the place has a great chef that picks one thing and does it right. It’s [a cross] between food cart and sit down restaurant. The food and atmosphere makes it awesome. Super hip!

JST: What’s your favorite restaurant that completely captures the Portland spirit?

HJ: You can’t pick one restaurant to capture Portland. That’s what makes Portland great. It’s the mixture and the variety. Portland’s restaurant scene is so strong on so many levels. They do every meal great in Portland, whether food cart of fine dining. It’s impossible to pick one.

portland oregonJST: We know it’s hard to choose, but if you HAD to narrow it down…

HJ: Ugh! Okay, here goes: for breakfast, Besaw’s Café. Catagna for lunch and Wildwood for dinner. And for late night snacking, Southeast Hawthorne Food Carts are a must.

JST: Name one place any first-timer to Portland has to go and why.

HJ: Sassy’s! For those who don’t know, Portland has the most strip clubs per capita than any city in the world, thanks to the First Amendment. Unlike most cities, our strip clubs are fully nude, serve liquor, and have full [food] menus. The best thing about having so many strip clubs is they aren’t looked at as a place of shame to go to. Most of them are full of men and women. It’s just another bar with booze and food, there just happens to be a hot, naked, tattooed gal on stage next to ya! One thing Sassy’s does better than any place in the city is the chicken strips!

JSTAny other tips for a jetsetting out of towner in Portland?

HJ: Portland is full of great neighborhoods. Make sure to check out all of them! Portland is a very artisanal city; you’ll find a lot of one offs here that you won’t find anywhere else. Portland is like a great mash up: it has great hooks that will bring you in with solid familiarity that’ll make you feel like you belong.

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barbershop oregon portland

Louis Alcorn

As a San Diego native, Louis lives by his ultimate travel tip: take a minute in each place you visit to collect your thoughts and write them down. They tend to be invaluable when you look back in the future.

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