9 Traditional Mykonian Foods You’ve Gotta Try


Mykonos may be known for its sizzling party scene, it’s also famous for its gastronomy. From our coverage, you may already know that Naxos has been branded as the Greek island for foodies. Due to the heavy influx of tourists, however, Mykonos has refined its gastronomic scene since many Mykonian foods are traditionally rooted from the island, Here’s just a taste:

1. Meze

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Don’t forget to start with meze, which is a selection of small dishes and typically served at the beginning of a multi-course meal. Think of Spanish tapas, and our version of appetizers.

2. Kopanisti

A famous local cheese that’s salty, aromatic and spicy. Kopanisti has been around for more than 300 years, and its hot taste comes from the fungal growth. Think of it as the Greek version of the French Roquefort cheese.

3. Louza

Thin slices of pork that’s cooked and spiced with black pepper, allspice, cinnamon, and cloves. The flavor is robust and savory.

4. Ouzo

A traditional Greek liqueur typically accompanied by a mixture of mezes. Louzo contains a dry and anise flavor, and it’s widely consumed in Greece.

5. Amygdalota

These almond, chewy, flourless cookies are traditional treats from the Cyclades islands, especially in Mykonos.

6. Soumada

Soumada is almond and rosewater flavored non-alcoholic beverage. These white-colored drinks are white and has been around since the Byzantine era.

7. Kouloures

Kouloures are Greek bagels, they’re essentially rings of bread coated with sesame seeds. If you’re a fan of bagels, you’ll love this fun treat.

8. Paximadia

Paximadia is basically the Greek version of biscotti. They’re crunchy,  made with barley flour, sesame seeds, ouzo and a bit of orange.

9. Baklava

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This famous rich and sweet dessert is made with layers of filo filled with chopped nuts and sweetened then held together by syrup or honey. You’ll find baklava in many menus in Greece, especially in Mykonos.


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